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LED illumination incubator/ manual climatic box- Intelligent programmable

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LED illumination incubator/LED manual climatic box are suitable for the plant growth and testing; Including biology raising, Water supervision, medicinal materials aging testing, wood aging testing, and other illumination testing.

  • SM-MGC-100BP-2L/SM-MGC-250BP-2L/SM-MGC-100HP-2L/SM-MGC-250HP-2L/SM-MGC-350BP-2L/SM-MGC-450BP-2L/SM-MGC-350HP-2L/SM-MGC-450HP-2L/SM-MGC-800BP-2L/SM-MGC-1000BP-2L/SM-MGC-800HP-2L/SM-MGC-1000HP-2L
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Product Description

Product features:

Humanized design

● New design with fluoride-free techniques, bring you healthy life.

● Humanized button, menu operation, various data display.

● Mirror finished stainless steel liner, semicircle design(Four corners), easy cleaning, rack adjustable.

● LCD screen , data focus, Menu operation interface, simplify the complicated experimental process, truly put automatic control into effect.

● 30 programs, 2 steps per program can be preset, Timing setting from 1~9999 min.

● Optional accessories:  CO2 air inlet and controller.(Import COsensor)

LED illumination advantages:

● Without thermal disturbance: No heat generated,  lights beneficial to the plants only.

● Energy –saving: low consumption of LED illumination, saving 80% energy.

● Small size: Miniaturization, complanation, strong design ability.

● Stable, long life:  Accuracy and stable lighting, 30 thousand hours working time.

● Fast response speed:  Horizontal lighting on top, ensure the samples absorbing light even.

Intelligent control techniques

● Simulate the day & night temperature change, and nature’s Multi-directional light source.

● Users’ setting program can be record automatically, and restart when outage.

● Automatic control of circulating fan speed, avoiding the volatilization of samples effectively.

● LED illumination incubator equip with various LED sources, spectral structures are consistent with database.

Intelligent Multi-segments Programmable control

● Program control temperature, humidity, illuminance and time, simplify the complicated experimental process, truly put automatic control into effect.

Continuous operation techniques

● Two sets international compressors automatic alternation, ensure the long-run experiment working normal.

Safety function

● Independent temperature warning system; sound-light alarm(standard).

● Error information displayed on the LCD screen clearly.

● Over temperature and low temperature alarm.

Data control system(Optional choice)

● RS485 connector and communication software

● Data record, data communication, graphic dynamic display, fault analysis.

● Printer data logging, conform to the GMP standard.

Technical parameters:

Volume150L150L300L      800L            1500L
Temperature control rangeUnder lighting: 10~50℃, without lighting 0~50℃
Temperature distinguishability0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation±1℃
Humidity control range50~90%RH50~90%RH50~90%RH50~90%RH
Humidity deviation±5~7%RH±5~7%RH±5~7%RH±5~7%RH
Illumination intensity0~18000LX
Six levels of adjustment 
0~18000LX Six   levels of adjustment0~28000LX 
Six levels of adjustment
Six levels of adjustment


Six levels of adjustment

Light wayRack lightingThree sides lightingRack lighting(Double layer)Rack lighting(Double layer)
Program control functionsTemperature, humidity, illuminance setting independently. 30   programs, each program 1~100 hours.
Input power1500W1700W1700W3700W3800W5350W
Power supplyAC220V   50HZAC380V   50HZ
Operating ambient temperature+5~30℃
Continuous operation timeContinuous operation (Two sets international compressors automatic alternation)
Liner dimension
Outer dimension
Loading Bracket
3 pcs

Optional accessories(when picking this option, delivery need to be added 7 days)

1. RS485/232 connector and communication software;

2. Embedded printer;

3. USB disk data storage;

4. Wireless alarm system(SMS alarm system);

5. CO2 inlet hole;

6. CO2 controller(Imported infrared sensor);

7. Illumination Control system;

Remarks: Pick USB disk/RS485(232)/Printer one-out-three.

1. Delivery time for the 800L/1000L/1500L LED illumination incubator/climatic box is 30 days when picking order.

2. Delivery time for the Wireless alarm system / Illuminance Control system is 30 days when picking order.

3. Delivery time for the CO2 controller is 30 days.



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