Altitude Generator-High Flow


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The Altitude Generator is the stand alone low oxygen (hypoxic) air generator with accurate oxygen content control. Specially designed for a variety of research applications. The Altitude Generator offers a degree of oxygen control within .1% accuracy and is suitable for smaller and medium sized research purposes. Connect the unit to a dedicated room and create an hypoxic chamber or use the training mask for a more direct dispense of the hypoxic air.
  • SM-AG-03

  • Sanwood

  • SM-AG-03

Product Description

Designed for sports teams, training centers, and large rooms, our commercial grade equipment, the Altitude Generator High Flow hypoxic generators are built for any size space and any number of users. In order to meet the ever increasing demand for more robust and powerful hypoxic generators of the worlds leading athletic, research and military institutions, Sanwood has developed a new line of the most powerful and intelligent hypoxic system on the market, capable of providing up to 10,000 liters per minute of hypoxic air.


  1. Ideal for multiple athlete systems

  2. Room and Altitude Chamber Conversions

  3. Designed for growth and expansion

  4. Available with Hyperoxic output


Technical Specifications

  • 500-10.000 lpm airflow;

  • Digitally adjustable Altitude/O2% control system (From 20.9%-9% with .1% resolution);

  • Choice of internal or external digital Altitude/O2% monitoring system;

  • Hyperoxic output (above 20.9%) available upon request;

  • Optional “placebo switch” providing normal O2% for controlled trials;

  • Removal of hydrocarbons, odors and 99.9% of airborne contaminants;

  • All units are supplied in secure, lockable steel cabinet facilitating easy maintenance and servicing while keeping all safety critical controls away from unauthorized personnel.

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