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Meets GB 38031-2020 Test Standards - High And Low Temperature Battery Explosion-proof Chamber

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Meets GB 38031-2020 test standards - high and low temperature battery explosion-proof chamber

In new energy technologies, safety is one of the primary indicators to evaluate battery performance, especially for battery safety in high and low temperature environments. The high and low temperature battery explosion-proof test chamber produced by Sanwood Technology meets the GB 38031-2020 test standard, providing a reliable solution for the safety performance testing of batteries.

GB 38031-2020 is China's national standard for lithium-ion battery safety, covering a number of test items including temperature cycling, short circuit, overcharge, extrusion and thermal shock to ensure the stability and reliability of the battery under extreme conditions.


The high and low temperature battery explosion-proof chamber has excellent temperature control capabilities and can operate stably regardless of extremely cold low temperatures or hot high temperature environments. Its wide temperature range can meet different testing needs. On the operation interface, the equipment uses advanced touch screen control technology to display temperature parameters in real time and has a data recording function to facilitate subsequent data review and analysis.

Taking into account possible dangerous situations that may occur during battery testing, this test chamber from Sanwood Technology is also equipped with multiple safety protection measures. For example, if an abnormal increase in internal pressure is detected, the built-in safety valve will automatically open to release the pressure to prevent explosion accidents caused by excessive pressure. At the same time, the structure of the chamber is also specially designed to maximize the safety of the operator and the surrounding environment even in the event of an accident.微信图片_20240309171401

When a battery undergoes high and low temperature cycle tests, the internal chemicals will react accordingly due to temperature changes, which may cause battery expansion or subtle changes in structure. Sanwood Technology's test chamber monitors the size and shape of the battery through high-precision sensors to ensure that any small changes during the test will not be ignored. This sophisticated monitoring not only improves the accuracy of the test, but also provides valuable data support for battery design and improvement.

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