Respirator Field of View Tester


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The Dead Space Tester of respirator is used to detect the volume fraction of carbon dioxide inhaled in the last breath of particle respirator.
  • SM4313


  • SM4313

Product Description

Respirator Field of View Tester



Respirator Field of View Tester is used to test the visual field effect of daily protective masks, masks and so on.

SM4313 tester, including human head model, arc bow, measurement system, etc.

Testing Scope:Daily protective masks, Respirators and Masks, etc.


Testing Standards: 

GB/T 32610

GB 2890

GB 2626

GB 21976.7



1. Perimetry: semicircle arc: 335mm in radius, which can be rotated around the horizontal radius passing through 0°. There is a scale every 5°from 0°on both sides, and there is a sliding white sight mark on the arc.

2. Measurement method: the recording needle is connected with the sight mark through the wheel axle, and the direction and angle of the sight mark are recorded on the field of vision drawing.

3. Test head mold: a standard head mold with small bulb in the two holes of the head mold. The position of bulb and head mold shall meet the requirements of GB 2890.

4. Left and right visual field: ≤ 120°.

5. The order line of bulb is (7 ± 0.5) mm behind the midpoint of two eyes.

6. Special software system is adopted, which is automatically calculated by computer.

7. Measurement unit of field area: mm2.

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