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 The four-column test chamber allows structural durability, noise and driving comfort testing.
 The four-columns can be positioned by the driver to set the different track and wheelbase of the vehicle automatically.
 The test chamber provides appropriate muffling processing to reproduce tests and abnormal noise evaluations under extreme environmental conditions.

 Temperature range: -40℃ ~ +100℃;
 Humidity range: 10% ~ 95% R.H;
 Lighting control area: up to 9 independent control areas;
 Surface temperature control: ambient temperature + 5C ~ ambient temperature + 42C;
 The height of the lamp holder is continuously adjustable to adapt to different height models;
 Irradiation area can be customized according to customer requirements;
 The sealing bottom plate and the 4-Poster system hydraulic cylinder move synchronously to match different wheelbase intervals;
 Optional configuration of fresh air supply and exhaust extraction system;
 Optional: Infrared simulation system.
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