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Product applications:

Walk-in high low temperature test chamber suitable for larger size or a larger number of whole products, components, materials for high temperature, low temperature, high low temperature cycle test, and the constant heat test and hot damp test. It’s mainly used to simulate products at climate conditions, temperature and humidity conditions or at ambient temperature and humidity conditions, detecting the product features and the adapt change ability. Its necessary test equipment in aviation, automobiles, home appliances, research and other fields.


Product features:

1. Industrial vertical, full-color, multi-language, programmable touch control system

2. Back to normal temperature protection mechanism

3. Apply to larger size products test or large amount products test

4. Standard modular design: stainless steel plate and salt steel as the main material

5. According to the size and design customers required, we can provide them with corresponding solutions.

6. Can open the door inside. Security door and leakage circuit breaker protection.

7. RO reverse osmosis water filter automatic water supply device for humidity test

8. Inner box: SUS#304; Outer box: color steel plate

9. Strong and powerful German bock semi hermetic compressor

10. Four group Server Valve, the most appropriate amount of refrigerant control

11. Energy-saving 30%, water-saving 20%; Environment-friendly refrigerant

12. Four groups of temperature. A set of humidity sensor control

13. Heating load automatic servo control to adjust refrigerant flow rate, which can withstand more than 3 times heat load of the traditional constant temperature and humidity room


Main parameters:

1. Standard inner volume: 8m3~40m3

2. Temperature range-70℃~+180

3. Humidity range:2095%RH

4. Temperature uniformity:±2.0(-40.0℃~80.0), ±2.5(-40.0℃~-65.0)

5. Humidity uniformity:±3%RH

6. Temperature deviation:±2

7.  Humidity deviation:±2% RH

8. Heating rate:80.0℃~-65.0℃  Within 110 mins  1.02.0/min

9. Cooing rate:-65.0℃~80.0Within 70 mins 2.05.0/min

10.Inner chamber material: 1.5mm stainless steel (SUS#316)

11.Outer chamber material: 1.2mm cold rolled steel sheet, powder spraying

12. Heat insulating material: 100mm thickness polyurethane plate+10mm thickness mineral 3ool

13. Fan: Centrifugal blower

14. Compressor: Semi-closed Germany Bock, Germany Bitzer

15. Condenser: Water-cooled

16. Refrigerant: R404A、R23R508

17. Evaporator: Fin - and - Tube Heat Exchanger  

18. Heater: Nickel chromium alloy heating wire

19. Humidifier: Steam heater

20. Ambient temperature: +5~+35

21. Safety: Cut off the control circuit, over temperature protection, overload relay, refrigerator protection circuit, leakage cut-off machine, external alarm scripts, water shortage alarm

22. Power supply: AC380V,3/N, 50/60Hz

23. Controller: Standard: South Korea TEMI-1500 Optional: South Korea TEMI-2500,South Korea TEMI-2700

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