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Wet Bacterial Penetration Tester


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Wet Bacterial Penetration Tester is used to test the ability of the sample to withstand the penetration of wet bacterial under the condition of mechanical friction.
  • SM4316A


  • SM4316A

Product Description

Wet Bacterial Penetration Tester



Wet Bacterial Penetration Tester is used to test the ability of the sample to withstand the penetration of wet bacterial under the condition of mechanical friction.

A test sample is placed on the agar plate of the culture dish, and a donor material containing bacteria is laid on the test sample, with the bacterial side facing down. Then put a film on it. The film thickness is about 10 microns, and the material is HDPE. Two tapered steel rings are used to hold the three layers, and a certain tensile force is applied. A wearable finger is pressed on the material with a certain pressure to make the sample contact with the culture dish. The finger can be rubbed on the suSMace of the whole material through the action of eccentric cam within 15 minutes. Under the dual action of friction and liquid migration, bacteria can pass through the test sample through the carrier material and reach the suSMace of the culture dish. After 15 minutes of testing, replace the culture dish, and repeat the above test with the same carrier material and test sample for 5 times. In this way, the penetration ability of bacteria is evaluated.

SM4316A tester, including motor, cam device, friction finger, load adjustment device, etc., to complete the finger friction action and down-loading force.


Testing Scope: Surgical curtains, robes, clean air suits, etc.


Testing Standards: 

EN ISO 22610

EN 14126



1. Dish size: 14cm;

2. Number of dishes: 6;

3. Rotating speed of the culture dish: 60rpm;

4. Finger swinging speed: 5.6rpm;

5. Radius of finger: 11mm;

6. Polished and detachable fingers;

7. Finger downward pressure: (3±0.2)N;


Ordering Information:SM4316A  Wet Bacteria Penetration Tester

SM4316A/1  Steel Testing Finger

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