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What environmental factors affected your UV aging test chamber

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The UV aging test chamber has certain requirements for the test environment. Excluding the unfavorable factors can make the results more accurate and reflect the accuracy.

UV Lamp Weathering Test Chamber 

The influence of environmental factors is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Temperature in the chamber;

2. Airflow speed;

3. Surface pollution;

4. Humidity;

5. Ozone and other polluting gases;

6. Bracket and its installation.


So how do these aspects affect the UV aging test? The following are the details:

1. Temperature in the chamber: During the irradiation stage or the shutdown stage, the test procedures for the temperature in the chamber should be controlled. The relevant specifications should specify the temperature level to be reached during the irradiation stage according to the intended use of the equipment or component.

2. Airflow speed: First of all, the size of the airflow speed close to the surface of the sample not only affects the temperature rise of the sample, but also causes a significant error in the open thermoelectric stack that monitors the radiation intensity. Secondly, in the natural environment, the probability of the occurrence of strong solar radiation and the special condition of zero wind speed is extremely small, so when it is necessary to assess the impact of different wind speeds on equipment or components and other samples, specific requirements should be specified.

3. Surface pollution: Dust and other surface pollutants will seriously change the absorption characteristics of the surface of the illuminated object, and ensure the cleanliness of the sample during the test.

4. Humidity: Various materials, paints and other substances have different photochemical degradation effects under different humidity conditions, and the requirements for humidity conditions are also different. The specific humidity conditions are clearly stipulated by the relevant specifications, and you can also consult your equipment supplier.

5. Ozone and other polluting gases: The ozone generated by the chamber under the short-wave ultraviolet radiation of the light source will affect the degradation process of certain materials due to ozone and other polluting gases, unless the relevant specifications otherwise stipulate that these harmful gases are discharged out of the chamber. Therefore, before purchasing equipment, it is also very important to communicate with the equipment supplier about the characteristics of the product to be tested.

6. Bracket(sample holder)and its installation: The thermal characteristics of various supports and their installation methods will have a serious impact on the temperature rise of the test sample, and should be fully considered so that their heat transfer characteristics represent typical actual use conditions. Generally, Sanwood UV aging test chamber's sample holder will be made of stainless steel, including blackboard.

UV Lamp Weathering Test Chamber-800

Does your UV test box have the above problems? If so, adjust it immediately. This is also helpful for the maintenance and service life of your equipment. If you want to know more about the UV lamp werathering test chambers, or our products, please contact me or our sales team!



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