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Battery test chambers is suitable for lithium ion battery test standards

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SANWOOD Technology designs, develops and provides high-quality battery test chambers and battery test systems to ensure that your power supply can supply power under harsh and challenging conditions.

Our battery test chambers evaluates the quality, durability and performance of batteries to ensure they meet your strict specifications and strict industry standards.

Under the trend of global warming and energy supply constraints, governments around the world have made energy conservation and carbon reduction a priority; the heat, carbon dioxide and exhaust gas emitted by the internal combustion engine of automobiles used in road transportation are also the current global environmental warming. One of the culprits of this is that it is a very good issue to improve the greenhouse effect if it is switched to electric vehicles driven by electric energy; therefore, it is particularly important to test lithium-ion batteries with a battery test chambers.

In recent years, the research and development of electric vehicles in advanced countries in the world has been close to the point of commercialization. Electric vehicles and related components [battery cores, battery systems, battery modules, electric vehicle motors, electric vehicle controllers, battery modules and chargers. .Etc], these tests are inseparable from the battery test chambers.

Electric cars:

ISO8713, ISO8714, ISO8715, ISO6469-1, ISOISO6469-2, ISOISO6469-3, ISO11451-2, ISO11451-3, CISPR12, FMVSS305, SAE J 1715, SAE J 1766, SAE J 1718, SAE J 551-5, ECE R10 , ECE R12, ECE R13H, ECE R94, ECE R100, ECE R101, GB19596, GB18384-2, GB18384-3, GB18385, GB18384-1, GB14023, 18387

Electric locomotive: ISO7176-21, EN15194

Batteries for electric vehicles (test equipment: battery test chambers): IEC619821-3, UL2580, UL2271


Lithium battery CELL: IEC62660-1, IEC62660-2, UN-T 38.3, GB18333.1

Lithium battery Module (test equipment: battery test chambers): ISO12405-1, ISO12405-2, UN-T38.3, SAE J1798, SAE J2288, SAE J2380, SAE J2464, QC743

Lithium battery pack (test equipment: walk-in battery test chambers): ISO12405-1, SO12405-2, UN-T38.3, SAE J1798, SAE J2288, SAE J2380, SAE J2464

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