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Sanwood Environmental Testing Chamber Co.,Ltd established at 1995 with Taiwan technologies,with abundant capital invested at 2013 to become a backup listed company,we re-registered our company to be Guangdong Sanwood Technology Co.,Ltd.With more than two decades hard working in this industry,we built our own manufacture facility at 2017.

Capacity reaches to 12,000 square meters which allow us to provide customers with
one-stop station products and services from R & D, sheet metal processing,mass 
production,sales service,after-sales service, rent & lease,internal testing to import & export.

Sanwood has ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certification.
Achieved ‘National High Technology Enterprise’ award.

The first choice of Environmental Chamber is Sanwood. Sanwood , with 25 years manufacturer experience,its product range included but not limited to Environmental Chambers,Climatic Chambers,Laboratory Centre Test Chambers,
Temperature & Humidity Test Chambers,Thermal Shock Test Chambers.

Environmental test chambers/temperature and humidity test chambers simulating products under the conditions of temperature and humidity combination (high and low temperature operation & storage, temperature cycle,
high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and humidity and condensation test and etc.).

Application Industries

Sanwood test chambers are widely used in industries included but not limited to:
aerospace,automotive,medical,machinery,electronical components, telecommunication,
transportation,household appliances,transportation,household appliances and etc.

Digital Consumer Electronics
Digital Consumer Electronics
Environmental Test for Solar Panel
New Energy
Environmental testing of mobile phone
Information Technology
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We always work closely and comprehensively with our clients to achieve win-win prosperities.


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    Under normal circumstances, when we conduct high-temperature tests on the temperature resistance of our products, we also conduct low-temperature tests. Therefore, many buyers will give priority to high and low temperature test chambers when purchasing. However, not all high and low temperature test Read More

  • Walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber exported to Australia

    The volume of this walk-in constant temperature and humidity test chamber is 9700L, which is customized by Australian customers. Considering that the transportation method is shipping, the transportation time is long, and the seawater will corrode the equipment, so we vacuum package the equipment to Read More

  • Analysis of Condensation in High and low Temperature Environmental Test

    High and low temperature tests, rapid temperature change tests, and environmental tests are used as a common means of testing to improve the reliability of electronic products. They are widely used in various research and development cycles of electronic products and they are used to determine the adaptability of communication equipment to the environment. In the course of environmental testing, according to the characteristics of the product, select the appropriate test method to inspect and evaluate the mechanical properties, electrical properties, physical properties, tensile strength and tensile resistance of the material, and insulation properties of the product. Only by choosing the correct test method and standard test conditions can the correct test results be obtained. In the process of constant humidity and heat, the product must be preheated to avoid the appearance of a large amount of condensation and cause additional stress, which affects the correct evaluation of the exp Read More

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