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In the field of electrical and electronic products, environmental testing is a key link to ensure product reliability and performance stability. Among them, IEC 60068-2-2:2007 standard, as an important reference for environmental testing, provides detailed guidance and specifications for dry heat te



[News] Battery & Energy Storage 2024|Sanwood Technology Indonesia Battery Energy Storage Exhibition
Battery & Energy Storage 2024|Sanwood Technology Indonesia Battery Energy Storage ExhibitionLet’s work together to create a better future! Sanwood Technology is honored to participate in the Battery & Energy Storage 2024 Battery Energy Storage Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia, showcasing Sanwood Tec



[News] Exhibition in progress | Sanwood Technology brings you straight to the scene of Munich Shanghai Electronics Show!
On July 8, 2024, Munich Electronica Shanghai grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, opening a new chapter for the development of the electronics industry.Through a number of exhibition themes such as consumer electronics, new energy and other exhibition areas and concurrent fo



[News] July 1 to Build the Party 丨 Memorize a Hundred Years of Journey, Build Ideals and Beliefs
In the galaxy of times, history always passes down the spiritual civilization of mankind in its own unique way, and on June 25th, the branch of CPC of Guangdong Sanwood Technology Co., Ltd. and the mobile party members from Yichun City in Dongguan City went to the memorial hall of the former site of the Republic of China Military Academy to carry out a July 1st party day activity themed on the theme of "revisiting the glorious years and planting a sense of nationalism".



[News] Warm Congratulations on the foundation and grand opening ceremony of Guangdong Sanwood Technology Co. Ltd Xi'An branch office
In the summer solstice, the north wind arrived and the coolness increased in the evening. Sanwood Science and Technology held the establishment and unveiling ceremony of the Xi'an Branch at 10 A. M. on June 21. Xi'an Branch is located in the park of Shaanxi Northwest Machinery Co., Ltd. (No.25 Chuanghui Road, Xi'an City), with a professional technical team, sales team, and after-sales service team, which will provide customers with more convenient and efficient services. This is an important measure for Sanwood Science and Technology to respond positively to market demand and further expand its market share.



[News] Exhibition in progress 丨Sanwood Technology is looking forward to meeting you at Battery Europe and EV Technology Expo!
As the world's pursuit of green mobility and sustainable energy technologies continues to grow, Battery Europe and EV Technology 2024 have opened their doors to a great deal of attention.Sanwood is honored to participate in this exhibition.On the first day of the exhibition,sanwood attracted many vi



[News] Sanwood Technology Battery Explosion-proof High And Low Temperature Chamber To Meet The IEC60068-2-2:2007 High Temperature Test Method BA
With the continuous warming of the global climate, the impact of high temperature environment on batteries has become increasingly prominent.In high temperature environment, problems such as internal pressure rise, electrolyte evaporation, expansion of positive and negative active materials may occur, and even safety accidents such as thermal runaway and explosion may occur. Therefore, it is of great significance to test the high temperature performance of batteries to ensure their safety and stability. The Battery Explosion-Proof High and Low Temperature Chamber of sanwood is a professional equipment to meet the requirements of IEC60068-2-2: 2007 high temperature test method BA, which is used to test and evaluate the impact of batteries in long-term high temperature environment.



[News] Shock Test Chamber Semiconductor: The Guardian of Extreme Environment
It is a kind of equipment specially designed to simulate various extreme temperature environments, which can test semiconductor products in high and low temperature cycles, hot and humid cycles, hot and cold shocks, and so on. Through these tests, we can observe the performance changes of semiconductor products in different environments, so as to evaluate their service life in extreme environments.



Sanwood Battery Temperature Explosion proof Test Chamber meets IEC 62133: Safety Testing for Lithium Ion Batteries
In the era of rapid technological development, As the carrier of energy, the performance and safety of batteries have been paid much attention. In order to ensure that battery products can work reliably in different temperature environments, it is especially important to conduct high and low tempera



[News] Meets GB 38031-2020 Test Standards - High And Low Temperature Battery Explosion-proof Chamber
Meets GB 38031-2020 test standards - high and low temperature battery explosion-proof chamber In new energy technologies, safety is one of the primary indicators to evaluate battery performance, especially for battery safety in high and low temperature environments. The high and low temperature batt
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