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Power battery is a powerful and indispensable energy storage device, and good quality is the key to the competition of power battery core technology. To detect good quality, it needs to go through the test of the power battery high and low temperature chamber.



[News] The 53rd school is completed-Charity and Public welfare

A school inauguration ceremony was held on a hot Sunday in Zijin County, Heyuan, Guangdong. Zhangxia Primary School is the 53rd elementary school funded by the Zenneng 63 team. On this day, representatives of the Charity organization of the Zenneng 63 team witnessed the completion of this school. Da



[News] Congratulations to Sanwood's LinkedIn page for raising 1,000 followers

Exciting news!!! Today Sanwood company page on Linkedin has exceeded 1000 followers, which is a milestone for us. Thanks to our colleague Ms Jenny Chan, she always share some useful information in our page.In the future, we will continue sharing more about our company updates and useful industrial n



[News] Battery temperature explosion-proof test chamber is shipped to the new energy battery factory

More than 40 battery high and low temperature explosion-proof test boxes are waiting for large packages to be shipped to the new energy battery factory. Under the new crown virus epidemic, sanwood successfully completed the production of battery test boxes within the delivery period under the premis



[News] Cell and module testing Custom-designed solutions

Sanwood is very pleased that a well-known domestic battery manufacturer has purchased a batch of battery test test chamber. This batch of equipment is to provide customers with custom-designed solutions for testing lithium batteries and battery modules. It has been officially put into use and is ope



[News] What's the difference between BFE & PFE?

According to the industry standards for medical surgical masks for this purpose, specific requirements are set for the filtration efficiency of masks: NaCl PFE (PFE) is ≥30%, and BFE is ≥ 95%.



[News] What environmental factors affected your UV aging test chamber

The UV aging test chamber has certain requirements for the test environment. Excluding the unfavorable factors can make the results more accurate and reflect the accuracy. The influence of environmental factors is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. Temperature in the chamber; 2. Airflow s



[News] Effect of accelerated aging test on electronic components

Apply high temperature, high humidity and a certain drive current to the optoelectronic device for accelerated aging test. According to the test results, it can be judged that the electronic components have functions and lost functions, as well as acceptance and rejection, and can adjust the working



[News] Have you selected the right test equipment for product temperature resistance test

Under normal circumstances, when we conduct high-temperature tests on the temperature resistance of our products, we also conduct low-temperature tests. Therefore, many buyers will give priority to high and low temperature test chambers when purchasing. However, not all high and low temperature test



[News] Walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber exported to Australia

The volume of this walk-in constant temperature and humidity test chamber is 9700L, which is customized by Australian customers. Considering that the transportation method is shipping, the transportation time is long, and the seawater will corrode the equipment, so we vacuum package the equipment to

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