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What is a salt spray test? Why conduct salt spray test?

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Salt spray corrosion is a common and most destructive atmospheric corrosion. Salt spray corrosion on the surface of metal materials is caused by the electrochemical reaction between the chloride layer that penetrates the metal surface and protective layer and the internal metal. Artificial simulated salt spray environment test Compared with the natural environment, the concentration of chloride in the artificial simulated salt spray environment can reach several times or several times the salt content of the general natural environment. Therefore, the artificial simulated salt spray environment test greatly increased the corrosion rate. Plus, it reduces the time to results. Corrosion may take up to 1 year if product samples are tested in natural exposure environments. In the artificially simulated salt spray environment, it only takes 24 hours to obtain similar results.

Salt spray test is divided into two categories: 1. Natural environment exposure test, 2. Artificially accelerated simulated salt spray environment test.

The artificially simulated salt spray environment test is carried out in a salt spray test chamber. Artificially create a salt spray environment in the volume space of the test equipment to assess the salt spray corrosion resistance of the product.

The salt spray test standard is a clear and specific regulation of the salt spray test conditions such as temperature, humidity, concentration of sodium chloride solution, and pH value. In addition, the performance of the salt spray test chamber is also very important.

Sanwood salt Spray Test Chamber simulated condition that more often meet at natural environment, and then deteriorated the natural environment to be tested, such as the salt spray, dry, wet, room temperature, low temperature environment,it can be tested in any order or individually tested.

Product features

1.  Testing room using PVC polyvinyl chloride plate (from Taiwan), acid-resisting and alkali-resisting, cleaning easier.

2.  Cover of testing room use acrylic panels (imported organic glass), the thickness is 5 mm.

3.  Reagents added bottles attached with water gauge, cleaning easy and not easy to break.

4.  Saturated air barrels is made of SUS # 304 stainless steel.

5.  Testing room to adopt indexing frame, can be arbitrarily adjust the angle, Surrounded by fog and placed more piece.

According to CNS JIS ASTM GB2423.19 specifications, can be achieved constant temperature control

(A) Salt spray test: NSS, ACS

1.  testing room : 35 ℃ ± 1 ℃

2 saturated air barrels : 47 ℃ ± 1 ℃

(B) anti-corrosion test: CASS (copper acetate)

1. testing room: 50 ℃ ± 1 ℃

2.  saturated air barrels: 63 ℃ ± 1 ℃

3.  air supply system: air pressure 1Kg/cm2 Two-stage adjustments (coarse / fine-tuning).


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