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Bench-Top Type Temperature Humidity Chamber


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Sanwood Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber, Bench-Top Temperature (& Humidity) Test Chamber,Bench-Top Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber,Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber,Temperature (& Humidity) Test Chamber is exported to Russia, Europe, USA, Canada and so on.
The Bench-top temperature and humidity test chamber is widely used in scientific research, research institutes, quality inspection institutes and other industries to do warm and humid heat tests of electronic and electrical products, materials, parts, equipment, etc., alternating heat test and constant temperature test, etc. Also could do high and low temperature routine tests, low temperature storage, in order to evaluate the performance of the sample under given environmental conditions.
  • SMC-22-CC

  • Sanwood

  • SMC-22-CC

Product Description

Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber

Premium features for the ultimate in testing flexibility
Are you looking for the smallest chamber possible to get your testing done? Hate the footprint and noise of other temperature chambers?

Need to closesly integrate other test equipment? These are the Bench-Top Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber for you!

Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber5

Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber Easy to install and own:
The Bench-Top Temperature (& Humidity) Test Chamber are small enough be placed underneath a benchtop, or on top.
Designed for integration with other test equipment to make a complete test stand.
The smaller models run on standard 115V power, enabling easy installation anywhere.
Extremely quiet operation as low as 52 dba, suitable for quiet labs or offices.

Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber CHAMBER DESIGN FEATURES:
Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber Premium design with a space-saving footprint and quiet operation suitable for offices and small labs
.One 1" diameter cable port on the right side (Note: previous model series also included standard port on left)
.One adjustable stainless steel shelf
.Temperature output terminals

Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber7

Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber SAFETY FEATURES:
Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber Three levels of overheat protection
.Specimen power supply control terminal

Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber6

Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber Specification:

Bench-Top Type Temperature Humidity Chamber

Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber

Product Catalog

Bench-Top Type Temperature Humidity Chamber.pdf

Please consult the sales for specific technical parameters, SANWOOD reserves the right of explanation.

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