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Automotive industry parts testing-sanwood reliability testing equipment manufacturer

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With the continuous development of automobile electronic control technology, the number of electronic equipment equipped with automobiles has greatly increased. Various electronic and electrical components have accounted for 30% of the vehicle system, and some luxury models can even reach 90%. It has to be said that the high application of electronic appliances has greatly improved the power performance, safety performance and economy of the car, and significantly improved the stability and comfort of the car.

So many electronic and electrical components need to be tested in the automotive environment, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, light aging, etc. The interior of the car is a confined space. When not in use, the temperature under the sun can reach 150 degrees. Obviously, people cannot be in this environment. Therefore, the testing standards for automotive electronic appliances cannot follow the conventional environment, which is harmful to environmental equipment. specific higher requirements.

Safety and reliability in the automotive industry are therefore of particular importance and are highly regulated. Product and operational testing and inspections at different stages of the value chain avoid these product recalls by ensuring end-user safety and compliance with automotive industry requirements. Sanwood's environmental chamber can simulate constant high temperature test, thermal shock test, environmental chamber based on this basic function, can also add high altitude simulation, vibration test and stress screening. Furthermore, based on different test criteria, our environmental chambers can optionally integrate multiple environments with behaviors such as dust airflow, weathering and corrosion. To test various components, including automotive exterior parts, car interior parts, car electronics, car seats, car wiring, car AC, engine, lithium-ion battery (EV battery), etc. We also produce large custom drive-in test chambers for complete vehicle testing. Sanwood has rich experience in providing standard and customized engineering environmental test solutions for the automotive industry. We can develop and produce various standardized environmental test chambers. We can also provide you with more accurate test chambers according to different test requirements and test standards. customized test plan.

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