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Sanwood Cold and Thermal Shock Test Chamber Conforms to IEC 60068-2-2:2007 Test Standard

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In the field of electrical and electronic products, environmental testing is a key link to ensure product reliability and performance stability. Among them, IEC 60068-2-2:2007 standard, as an important reference for environmental testing, provides detailed guidance and specifications for dry heat testing of products. The Cold and Thermal Shock Test Chambers produced by sanwood strictly follow the requirements of IEC 60068-2-2:2007 standard in the design, manufacture and testing process.

Cold and Thermal Shock Test Chamber:

Cold and Thermal Shock Test Chamber is a kind of equipment specialized in simulating various extreme temperature environments, which can test semiconductor products with high and low temperature cycles, humid and heat cycles, cold and thermal shocks, and so on. Through these tests, we can observe the performance changes of the products in different environments,so as to evaluate their service life in extreme environments.

Cold and thermal shock test chamber

Applying range of Cold and Thermal Shock Test Chamber:

This equipment is widely used in many fields such as aerospace, aviation, electronics, automotive, battery, etc. It provides strong support for product quality control and R&D verification. By simulating extreme temperature environments, the cold and thermal shock test chamber is able to assess the performance and reliability of products under conditions of high and low temperatures and rapid temperature changes.

Conformity of the Cold and Thermal Shock Test Chamber to standards:

The IEC 60068-2-2:2007 standard has clear requirements for the temperature range and accuracy of dry heat testing. The high temperature chamber of sanwood’s thermal shock test chamber.

(1) upper thermal limit temperature: +180 ℃

(2) temperature time: room temperature → +180 ℃ ≤ 25min

Notice: the warming time is the performance of the high temperature box when it is running alone

Low temperature box:

(1) lower pre-cooling limit temperature: -55℃

(2) cooling time: room temperature → -55 ℃ ≤ 60min

Note: The cooling time is the performance when the low-temperature box is running alone

At the same time to maintain high-precision temperature control capabilities to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results.

In the design and manufacturing process of sanwood's cold and thermal shock test chamber , we fully consider the safety and stability factors. The equipment adopts multiple safety protection mechanisms, such as over-temperature protection, water shortage protection, etc., to ensure the safety of the equipment and products during the testing process. Meanwhile, the stable temperature control system and reliable mechanical structure also ensure the stability and repeatability of test results.

Product features of sanwood:

Cold and Thermal Shock Test Chamber is only one of the environmental climate test chambers provided by sanwood, we also developed constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers, Rapid Temperature Change Test Chambers, Agree Comprehensive Test Chambers, High and Low Temperature Test Chambers and other test equipment in line with international standards, and support customized services.

Sanwood's cold and thermal shock test chambers strictly follow the scientific IEC 60068-2-2:2007 test standard, which is both professional and safe. For more information about how sanwood’s cold and thermal shock test chambers can help you meet your extreme environmental testing needs, please contact us, and sanwood will develop an environmental testing solution that suits your needs.

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