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Do low temperature have impact on electric vehicles?

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Do low temperature have impact on electric vehicles?

The electrolyte used in lithium batteries is an organic liquid that can become viscous or even condense at low temperatures. At this time, the activity of the conductive lithium salt in the inside is greatly limited, so that the charging efficiency is very low, which causes the lithium battery to be charged slowly at a low temperature, which is not full, and the discharge is also the same.


Use in a low temperature environment for a short period of time, or if the temperature is not low enough, will only temporarily affect the battery capacity of the lithium ion battery, but will not cause permanent damage. However, if it is used in a low temperature environment for a long time, or in an ultra-low temperature environment of -40 ° C, the lithium ion battery may be permanently damaged by "freezing".


In addition, charging a lithium ion battery at a low temperature will precipitate metallic lithium on the surface of the battery anode, and this process is irreversible. This will cause permanent damage to the battery and reduce the safety of the battery. Therefore, many lithium battery devices have protection devices that make them impossible to charge at low temperatures.The effect of low temperature on electric vehicles .

According to the above, low temperature has an effect on the charge and discharge of lithium-ion batteries, so electric vehicles using lithium batteries will also be affected, and the most intuitive feeling that this affects the user is that the cruising range is reduced.


There are two factors in the decline of the cruising range of electric vehicles in winter: one is because the cooling air is reduced in efficiency due to cold air, and the other is because the winter is cold, and the inside of the car is heated!!! This also consumes a lot of electricity. In an environment below zero, the cruising range of an electric vehicle may even be reduced by 30% compared with normal conditions.

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