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You are here: Home » News » Do you know the working principle of Three-zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber?

Do you know the working principle of Three-zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber?

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Do you know the working principle of Three-zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber?


The chamber has three parts: pre-cooling zone, pre-heating zone and test zone. The three zones are independent. The three compartments are switched by the damper without moving the test product. When the temperature is normal, the ambient temperature is introduced into the test space by the blower. Excluding the heat or cold in the test space, and the high and low temperature damper is closed; when the impact is low, the high temperature and normal temperature damper are closed, the low temperature tank is connected with the test box, and the pre-stored cooling amount is instantaneously introduced into the test box; at high temperature, low temperature and normal temperature The damper is closed, and the high temperature tank communicates with the test box to instantly introduce the pre-stored heat into the test chamber. Thereby achieving the purpose of rapid temperature change.


In the high temperature zone, an air mixing room, a circulation air duct, a heating device and a circulating fan are arranged, and a wind deflector, a damper and a diffuser are installed in the air duct, and the high temperature gas is blown out from the air duct through the test area to recover the cycle; the air temperature adjusting room and the circulation are arranged in the low temperature area. Air ducts, heating devices, refrigeration devices, cold storage plates and circulating fans are installed. Air deflectors, dampers and diffusers are installed in the air ducts. The low temperature gas is blown out from the air duct and recovered through the test area.


The temperature controller sends a command according to the temperature of the high temperature zone, the temperature of the low temperature zone and the test temperature by the temperature sensing body in the test chamber, and controls the heater output and the operation of the refrigeration unit through the calculus time and the SSR control module; the initial temperature of the sample can be The test requires the selection of high temperature start or low temperature start, the test zone temperature and high and low temperature impact conditions and high and low temperature zones form a closed loop control mode, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid temperature change and high and low temperature.

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