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National Day of China

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October.first is the National Day of China.In 1949.October.1st, It was the first year of the national day of China.At that time,people were very happy, because China has been free since then, the war has just ended . We were the winner! Then every year of this day, people hang the national flag out to celebrate.At the capital of China--Peking,there is a lot of people go to parade and celebrate in the National Day. Everybody was happy and very exciting.It was very lively.


The People's Republic of China has been set up for 60 years.After the dark and defficult time, we become much stronger,richer.The quality our people's life has improved a lot.

When we look back,we can see the poor and weak in the past years.Once none one in the world respected us,or our country.But that had been the PAST!

We are proud of these.We are proud that our great country is becoming stronger and stronger!

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