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Sanwood Environmental Chamber signed agent contract with our Germany partner

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Sanwood Environmental Chamber signed agent contract with our Germany partner

2019.5.24, it's a day to celebrate. Sanwood Environmental Chamber signed agent contract with our Germany partner.

Sanwood Environmental Test Chamber and Benchtec have signed a cooperation and win-win agency agreement. We hope that the two parties will complete the project and technical cooperation in the future, and jointly develop their respective advantages to create a full-process consulting service model to consolidate the market and develop comprehensively under the framework of win-win cooperation

Sanwood Environmental Chamber believe BenchTec could give our customer excellent after-sales installation and maintenance support, which will also help Sanwood Environmental Chamber establish brand awareness in Germany market


Sanwood Environmental Chambers Co.,Ltd, is a direct factory which has specialized in manufacturing environmental test chambers for 24 years. We have been focused on the most secure and reliable climatic test chambers' technologies since our establishment.


BenchTec GmbH, which is a testing laboratory with rich experience in environmental simulation, validation and product testing service in the automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors since 2007. They are serving BMW, Audi, Mercedes, CATL and other famous companies.


If you are considering related test project, please feel free to contact us or BenchTec GmbH. Contact details attached as below:

Sanwood Environmental Chambers Co.,Ltd

Address: No. 88, Songchang Road, Songbotang Village, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Email ID: info@sanwood.cc

Tel: +86-769-81182799


BenchTec Gmbh ( Sanwood sales & service agent in Germany)  

Address: Gustav-Freytag-Weg 14 96450 Coburg

Contact person: Dr. Ulf Nitzsche

Tel: +49 3681 80 657 10

Website: www.benchtec.com


Thanks for your time.


Hope we have an opportunity of cooperating with you

Sanwood Environmental Chambers Co.,Ltd


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