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Sanwood Three-layers drying oven shipping

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Sanwood Three-layers drying oven shipping

Electrothermal dryness box is also known as "oven". As the name suggests, it uses electric heating to carry out the dryness drying test, which is divided into two kinds of dryness and vacuum drying. The dryness is to blow out the hot air through a circulating fan to ensure the temperature balance in the box. The vacuum drying is a vacuum pump to pump the air out of the box and let the box be in the box. 

The atmospheric pressure is lower than the normal pressure to make the product test in a very clean state. It is a common instrument used to dry the sample and provide the temperature environment for the experiment. Drying box is used in chemical, pharmaceutical, casting, automotive, food, machinery and other industries. Generally divided into galvanized steel and stainless steel liner, pointer and digital display, natural convection and blast cycle, conventional oven and vacuum type.


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