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Sanwood environmental test chamber engineer has completed the installation, commissioning and operation training of the temperature and humidity chamber in the university of Hong Kong

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Sanwood environmental test chamber engineer has completed the installation, commissioning and operation training of the temperature and humidity chamber in the university of Hong Kong

Although we will send instructions and teaching video when shipping, we will provide door to door installation, commissioning and operation training for customers who need it. We have a professional installation team.

The door to door installation of Sanwood environmental test chamber aims to provide you with professional, convenient, safe and standardized door to door installation serviceTherefore, one of our technical engineers went to the university of Hong Kong to conduct the installation, commissioning and operation training of the temperature and humidity test chamber.



01. After the completion of product packaging, the professional service personnel will sent the packaging process to the customer. And tell the customer what time of delivery, and what is the way of logistics (Such as: sea, land, air. We can select the modes of transport according to customer requirements 

02.We will actively communicate with customers before delivery, to allow customers to prepare ahead of water, electricity, gas and other installation requirements of site.

03.Before delivery, if the customer need, can arrange engineers to our factory, we provide free products debugging training. We can also provide pick up and arrange accommodation. 

04.We will provide free accessories and some commonly used goods issued, for subsequent customer maintenance. (Such as: wet bulb gauze, relays etc.)


In Sale

01.A professional customer service personnel will inform the cargo departure time, and the expected arrival time. 

02.In the transport of goods at the same time, we will let the related product manual, operation manual and installation of video, and related circuit diagram, structure diagram, frozen map to the customer for reference. 

03.When customers get the goods, we will use video to help customers to install equipment till it can

be used normally.


After sales

01.Our professional customer service will have a telephone or email for the use of customers every 2 months, know about the customers' using, provide timely help.

02.If the customer have problems arised in the use of equipment, when we receive the feedback questions, we will give response within 2 hours. And give solutions within 24 hours.

03.If you need to replace the parts. Within a year ,we can provide customers with appropriate accessories free of charge, and online to assist customers to complete the replacement parts , until the machine running properly .

04.If necessary, we can arrange professional technical engineers to provide on-site service free of charge, but customers may need to undertake some travel expenses for our technical engineers.

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