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UL 1642 Test standard - Battery explosion-proof test chamber

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With the rapid development of battery technology today, safety issues have always affected the hearts of consumers and manufacturers. While batteries provide energy, they may also cause safety accidents due to improper design or use. Therefore, strict safety testing of the battery has become an important part of ensuring its reliability. The UL 1642 standard is a comprehensive performance test standard for the safety requirements of lithium batteries.

As a company specializing in the development and manufacturing of battery safety test equipment, Sanwood Technology has launched a Battery Temperature Explosion-proof Test Chamber that complies with UL 1642 standards. The device is designed to simulate the reaction of the battery under extreme conditions and take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the operator and the device itself.

The core design concept of this Battery Temperature Explosion-proof Test Chamber is to provide a closed and extremely high pressure and temperature environment to observe and record the performance of the battery under overcharge, short circuit, needling, extrusion and thermal cycling. When the battery fails under these extreme conditions, it may be accompanied by a rapid rise in heat or even a fire and explosion. At this time, the high-strength structure of the test chamber and the pressure relief system are very important. They ensure that even in the worst case, the effects of an explosion can be contained inside the box, thereby protecting people and the environment outside from harm.

Sanwood Technology has adopted multiple safety designs on this test chamber. For example, the box is constructed with reinforced steel plates and covered with energy-absorbing materials to mitigate the impact of explosions; At the same time, there is a pressure release valve, which can be automatically opened when the pressure in the box exceeds a certain threshold, and the internal gas can be safely released to avoid greater safety risks. In addition, it is equipped with a temperature monitoring system and smoke detection device, which can detect anomalies in the first time and initiate emergency procedures.


At the operational level, the Battery Temperature Explosion-proof Test Chamber of SanwoodTechnology is equipped with a highly automated control system. This means that once the test parameters are set, the entire process can be done without human intervention, reducing the need for people to be exposed to high-hazard environments. At the same time, through the data acquisition system, operators can obtain real-time test data, which provides accurate data support for later analysis and evaluation.

Sanwood Technology battery explosion-proof test chamber plays an indispensable role in battery safety testing. It not only provides a comprehensive safety assessment of batteries to ensure that products meet the international safety standard UL 1642, but also provides valuable data reference for battery design and manufacturing companies to drive the entire industry toward higher safety standards. With the continuous progress of science and technology, we believe that Sanwood Technology battery explosion-proof test chamber will play a more critical role in the future field of battery safety, providing consumers with safer and more reliable electronic products.

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