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22 set of Climatic Chambers Ship to Old Customer ATL

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                                                    22 set of Climatic Chambers Ship to Old Customer ATL

Recently Galaxy Note 7 Explosion issue attracted great attentions in society, it was supposed compete with Iphone 7, while seems lost the competitiveness. In response they did do additional quality control tests after several explosions .But before that, how did the explosion happen ?

Media reports it caused by SDI battery, the specif ic cause is under investigation . This issue forced Samsung to recall 2 million 500 thousand mobile ph ones back in South  Korea  direct cause more than 1 billion dollars  lost takes no potential of the value of the brand image impairment into it. Because Galaxy Note 7 have using battery manufacturers, so the note 7 in China is safe. Their battery manufacturer ATL official  announcemen t that the battery made by them are safe and no direct connection  to the explosion.
ATL is a Hong Kong based international company leading in design, manufacture, sales and marketing of rechargeable lithium ion/polymer battery cells and related battery packs and systems. Their lithium battery products are widely used in consumer electronics products like laptop computers, smart/cellular phone, digital media players, digital cameras and camcorders, cordless tools and numerous favors of IT gadgets.
They order 22 sets of Temperature and Humidity Chamber from us for battery test, We just shipped first parts of 11 sets of equipment to them. All the equipment went through2 weeks testing and we also send engineer to their factory site for training and calibration.


We have cooperate with ATL about 3 three years, this is latest order. By using of ESPEC S slogan, Quality is more than a word. The reason they choose us as below:

With 20 years experience in manufacturing and cooperating with Tsinghua University and  Tianjin University, we got professional  R&D team. We can manufacture the chamber based on your requirement
One production base of our factory locates in Donguan,Guangdong, with an area of 12,000 square meter . Other 2000 square meter factory in Jiangxi is under built, may take into use nest year. we have branch office in HongKong,Taiwan,Tianjin,Suzhou,Hunan,Fushan,Wuhan,Chongqing which guarantee perfect after-sales service.

If you have any doubt or need any information about our equipment, feel free to contact us !

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