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Air Drying oven 9003 series -Updated universal type


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Manufacturing with the advanced laser and CNC techniques; Specialize in drying, baking, wax-melting and sterilization for the industrial and mining enterprises, laboratory, research and development institution (R&D institution ).
  • SM-DHG-9013A/SM-DHG-9023A/SM-DHG-9053A/SM-DHG-9123A/SM-DHG-9203A

  • Sanwood

Product Description

Product features:

  Mirror finished stainless steel, easy cleaning, attractive appearance.

 ● Over-temperature protection, digital P.I.D temperature controller with time setting function, accuracy temperature control.

 ● Hot air circulating system consist of high temperature constant operation fan and air duct, can improve the temperature uniformity.

 ● New style silicon rubber sealing strip, allow high temperature long-run operation, long-life service, easy replacement.

 ● Air supply and gas displacement can be adjusted on the control board.

 ● Independent temperature warning system; sound-light alarm(optional choice).

 ● Printer or RS485 port inside; Temperature recording(Optional choice).

Technical parameters:

Power supplyAC220V50HZ
Input power500W850W1100W2050W2450W
Temperature control rangeRT+10~200℃/RT+10~250℃
Temperature fluctuation0.1℃
Temperature uniformity±3% (Testing temperature 100℃)
Temperature stability±1℃
Rack 2 pcs
Liner dimension
(W×D×H mm)
Outside dimension
(W×D×H mm)
Time setting range0~9999min


Remarks: As per the users requirement, the Temperature control range can be from RT+10250, RT represent environment temperature.

Optional accessories(when picking this option, delivery need to be added 7 days)

1. Multi-segments Programmable LCD temperature controller;

2. Independent temperature limited controller;

3. RS485 connector and communication software;

4. Embedded printer;

5. Dia Ф25mm testing hole;

6. USB disk data storage;

7. Wireless alarm system(SMS alarm system)

Remarks: Pick USB disk/RS485(232)/Printer one-out-three.




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