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Applications of Sanwood environmental chambers in automobile industry

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As one of the most important means of travel and transportation in modern society, automobiles are of great significance to people's daily lives.

Automobiles may experience a variety of complex environments, including temperature, humidity, solar radiation, sand, rain, vibration movement, collision, shock, battery voltage fluctuations, etc while working outdoors. So automotive components must be environmentally tested before being put into service.

Drive-in Climatic Chamber

An automobile is made up of multiple parts, all of which have to undergo rigorous material load testing. The test piece must be subjected to a cyclic climate change test or an accelerated short-term test with a time-lapse effect to determine the service life. Possible weaknesses must be identified early in the product to avoid expensive repairs due to product non-conformities or recalls that damage the image. In addition, tests must be repeatable at any time.

AUTO part test

In order to determine the resistance of materials and molded parts to climate changes, temperature and humidity changes, temperature and humidity testing is one of the environmental and climate tests that automobiles or parts need to simulate. For the automotive industry, there are corresponding standards for automobile testing, and temperature humidity testing must be done. A automobile's high temperature resistance should be at least 80 ° C. If the product fails the test, it is not allowed to leave the factory until the improved performance is qualified.


Sanwood environmental chambers are widely used to simulate the temperature and humidity environment, in order to test the product's resistance to high low temperature and humidity. Low temperature can reach -70℃, high temperature 180℃, standard humidity range is 20% ~ 98% RH. The chamber size can be customized according to your requirements. From testing small parts to the entire automobile, from the desktop chamber to the walk-in test room, we can provide corresponding solutions.

In addition to the environmental chambers, Sanwood can also provide many other test chambers required for automotive testing, such as dust test chamber, waterproof test chamber, thermal shock test chamber, salt spray test chamber, solar radiation test chamber, UV aging test chamber, ozone resistance test chamber, etc. Sanwood has been committed to research, development, production and sales of environmental chambers for nearly 25 years. So far, Sanwood has provided test chambers for many well-known domestic and foreign auto companies, such as Ford, Volvo, BYD, etc.

Drive-in Climatic Chamber2

Automobile temperature humidity and salt spray integrated test chamber 

Drive-in Climatic Chamber3

Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

If you have any testing requirements, please feel free to contact us at +86 769 8118 2799 or email info@sanwood.cc, our professional service staff will reply you as soon as possible.

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