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Athletic Environmental Chamber


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The Athletic Environmental Chamber is specifically design for athletic training which request the CO2 , O2 control inside the environmental chamber. It is suitable for sports and science investigation.

The chamber can stimulate different kinds of weather for athletic to do the training & exercise inside, with temperature range from -20 to 50C and humidity from 20 to 50%RH.

It also has the feature of being able to simulate low oxygen levels such as those found at altitude. This is achieved by introducing a measured quantity of nitrogen into the atmosphere, which lowers the percentage of oxygen present.
  • SM-0WT


  • SANOOW017

Product Description

Temperature range(-20℃ to 50℃) , control accuracy(±0.5℃),Uniformity:(±3℃)
Humidity range(20% to 50%), control accuracy(±0.5℃),Uniformity:(±3℃)
Oxygen range:(Altitude0-7000m), control accuracy((±100m), Uniformity(±200m)
 CO2 range: control the range<2000ppm 
Wind system control range: (0-15m/s Adjustable)
Solar illuminance range:(200-800W/m2)


LCD Touch Screen Controller
Multi-display of reading such as O2, CO2, Temperature & Humidity
Sensors: non-drift O2 sensors,  digital humidity probe, PT100 and CO2 sensor
With Windows
With Cable Ports
With Waterproof Lamps 
With Waterproof socket and data ports
Safety Control System
Single/Double Automatic Door
HEPA filter and active carbon filter
Ventilation with Fresh Air control
Non-Slip and insulated floor
Fresh Air Control System
Datalogger with real time display of reading
PU 100mm panel
Emergency light
Emergency button

• Safety
• Efficient
• Reliable
• Durable
• Easy to operate
• Custom production (Deign according to customers’ demand and installation site)

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