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Automatic Measurement of Detailed Shape System


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Mainly based on geometry size measurement, shape tolerance size measurement, curve, profile measurement, engineering design, development, two-dimensional copy number, comparing measurement, etc.;Through the optical lens imaging, with professional measuring software, make measurement results digitization and datamation ;Such as blind holes, sink holes, angle, altitude, slope, aspect, steps, point, line, circle, arc, etc.;for achieving tprecise measurement results.
  • DH3020CNC

  • AEH

Product Description

Automatic Measurement of Detailed Shape System  Application:

Automatic Measurement of Detailed Shape System applied for  Electronics, machinery, hardware, mold, rubber (soft plastic, hard rubber), injection molding, low voltage apparatus, magnetic materials, precision metal, precision stamping, connector, connector, terminal, household appliances, computer (PC), mobile phone, LCD TV (LCD), printed circuit board (PCB), PCB, clocks and watches, automobiles, medical equipment, education scientific research, military industry, instruments , etc measurement.

Automatic Measurement of Detailed Shape System Feature:

1.3D measuring head can be added to any image measuring instrument, coaxial realize 2D and 3D size measurement and detection

2.Automatic measurement,three axis closed loop control system

3.00 class column level granite base, convenient and quick, high stability, sensitive, reliable and accurate

4.Three axis precision crossed ball guide rail and lead screw transmission system

5.Glass grating ruler

6.Programmable 8 area circular surface light source, LED parallel contour light source and coaxial light source can be chosen

7.Automaticly focusing to measure height and various RENISHAW contact type probe (PH6, MH20I, MCP, etc.) and laser scanning probe can be equipped with.

8.Space compensation, software 21 kinds of errors correction

9.Strong AC - Optical combined type measurement software with German PTB authority certification 

10.Offer a variety of stroke specifications configuration, such as 3020, 4030, 5040.

Automatic Measurement of Detailed Shape System Specification:

Measure range(mm)300×200×200400×300×200
External size(mm)1420×775×16301660×980×1660
Measure precision(um)optics2.8+L/2003.0+L/200

Max Load(kg)15

Grating ruler resolution  

ratio 0.001MM(Standard )

1 um glass grating ruler

Grating ruler resolution 

 ratio 0.0005MM(standard)

0.5UM glass grating ruler
control systemCNC Closed loop control system
MotorZ axis adopts mute hybrid motor  
XY axis adopts servo motor

      8 area LED light source, paragraphs independent manipulation

 of the parallel \ LED light, programmable control

objective lens(Standard)0.7~4.5X manual zoom lens, image magnification 28X-170X
objective lens(option 1)6X automatic zoom lens, image magnification 18X-200X 
2objective lens (option2)can be chosen according to workpiece minification or magnification
CCD(Standard)                 American industry black/ colorful(SONY chip) 700 cable
working environmenttemperature20℃±2℃, temperature change rate<2℃/hr,humidity 30~80%

vibration<0.002g,vibration frequency<15Hz
work voltage220V+10%,   50HZ-60HZ
Acceptance inspection wayglass line scale 

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