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BPN-RHP/RWP series CO2 incubator(Color touch screen)


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With the over 20 years CO2 incubator experiences, our new generation CO2 incubator wins several design patents. Using imported infrared sensor, high measurement accuracy.

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Product Description

Product features:

Touch screen controller

● Large touch screen instead,  easily operation and program editing. English-Chinese languages for chosen.

● Temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration Instant operation curve shown.  Error alarm and door-open information included.

● Screen locking function. Avoiding the mistaken human touch.

● 72 hours operation record, convenient for users to trace the information.

● RS-485 connector, program the process in computer, supervise the experimental process.

CO2 concentration control system

● Imported infrared sensor control

Infrared sensor is the best choice when open the door frequently; Can keep the CO2 concentration at 5% stably.

Temperature control

A. Incubator temperature control system

● Pt100 temperature detector, accuracy control. 3 minutes temperature recovery time.

B. Door temperature heating system

● The inner door of CO2 incubator can be warm-up, prevents the condensate water occur and bring pollution to the samples.

C. Environmental temperature supervision system

● Independent environmental temperature detector, heating system automatically adjust.  Avoiding the inner high temperature occurs.

D. Over temperature protection system

● Independent temperature control system. When the incubator temperature goes beyond control, over temperature protection system will start working and stop warm-up, sound-light alarm.

E. Outage alarm system

● Real-time detection, sound-light alarm when electricity outage.

Sterilization system

A. 90 high temperature with wet and heat sterilization system.

● Microorganism including Bacteria, mycete, mycoplasma will be wipe out. Provide an safe experimental environment to clients.

● Easy operation: Press the sterilization button, bacteria in all parts will be wipe-out. 18 hours sterilization.

B. UV sterilization system

● The UV lamp install inside the incubator behind the walls, sterilize the Bacteria regularly;

Automatic control of circulating fan speed

● The speed of circulating fan can be control automatically; Avoiding the volatilization of samples.

High efficiency filter

A. Microorganism high efficiency filter

● The inlet equip with the microorganism high efficiency filter, can filter 99.99% bacteria which diameter more than 0.3μm.

B. HEPA high efficiency filter(Optional choice)

● Filter bacteria and dust from the inlet hole, make the incubator stay in germ free condition. It takes 5 minutes only to recover the air quality inside to 100% degree. Easy installation. No need tools.

Safety function

● Over temperature alarm,

●incubator sensor error alarm,

●door temperature sensor error alarm,

● CO2 over concentration alarm,

● outage alarm,

Data record and fault diagnosis(Optional choice)

● All data can be downloaded from the RS485 connector, diagnose

Faults immediately.

Wireless alarm system(SMS alarm system)

Optional accessories(when picking this option, delivery need to be added 14 days)

1. RS485/232 connector and communication;

2. Special CO2 reducing valve;

3. Humidity Display system;

4. Wireless alarm system(SMS alarm system);

5. HEPA high efficiency filter(Optional choice);

6. Provide 3Q verification and calibration service.

Technical parameters:

Power supplyAC220V/50Hz
Input power 500W700W1000W700W1000W
Heating methodAir-jacketed micro-computer controlWater-jacketed micro-computer control
Temperature control rangeRT+5~50℃
Operating ambient temperature+5~30℃
Temperature fluctuation±0 1℃
CO2 control range0~20%
CO2 control accuracy±0.1% Infrared sensor
CO2 recovery timeRecovery to 5%≤3 minutes
Temperature recovery   timeRecovery to 37℃≤8 minutes
Relative humidityNatural evaporation≥90%
Liner dimension (W×D×H   mm)400×450×500480×530×610600×630×670530×460×720600×520×780
Outside dimension
    (W×D×H mm)
 Loading   Bracket2 pcs3 pcs3 pcs
UV lamp sterilization 90℃ high temperature and humidity sterilization(UV lamp  
 sterilization optional choice)
UV lamp sterilization

Remarks: All technical data measured under the 25


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