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Battery High Low Temperature Test Chamber-new model

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Battery high low temperature test chamber is designed to test all types of batteries, including lithium-ion batteries. The battery test chamber has many safety functions built into the test chamber, which can handle battery tests and prevent safety accidents.

Charge/discharge cycle testing, which determines the number of times a battery can be used by evaluating it until it deteriorates after repeated cycles of charging and discharging.

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In the laboratories involved in battery testing, tests based on charge and discharge cycles are a key activity. The instruments used for this type of test usually perform harsh and lengthy test protocols on the battery and can usually be connected to various instruments.

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The battery test chambers can test different sizes of battery cells and lithium-ion battery packs according to your needs. Different battery test chamber sizes and configurations allow various battery types to be tested. SANWOOD provides a variety of safety functions to ensure the safety of battery testing chambers users when testing batteries. These features reduce the possibility of explosions and minimize the destructive effects of explosions caused by sparks.

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