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Battery temperature explosion-proof test chamber is shipped to the new energy battery factory

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More than 40 battery high and low temperature explosion-proof test boxes are waiting for large packages to be shipped to the new energy battery factory. Under the new crown virus epidemic, sanwood successfully completed the production of battery test boxes within the delivery period under the premise of ensuring the safety of employees. The customer is a domestic manufacturer of new energy vehicle batteries.

The temperature range of this batch of battery high and low temperature explosion-proof test chambers is between -70°C and 180°C, thanks to the powerful performance of French Taikang compressors.

Battery Test Chambers

Battery Test Chambers Structure and Characteristics:


SANWOOD climatic chambers play a primary role offering the possibility to conduct tests in controlled temperature and humidity conditions similar to those a battery may encounter over the course of its operating lifetime.


1.Explosion-proof High and Low Temperature Test Chamber is composed of the chamber, refrigeration systems, heating systems, air circulation system and control system.


2.The Battery Explosion-proof High and Low Temperature Test Chamber is made of high quality SUS#304 stainless steel material,the outer shell adopts A3 steel plate,surface electrostatic spraying.


3.Insulation system uses superfine fiberglass wool or polyurethane foam so as to ensure the temperature of inside chamber.


4.Temperature and humidity control adopts Korean import TEMI360 programmable touch screen temperature and humidity controller, with automatic calculation of PID function.


5.Adopts steam humidifying method, automatic water circulation loop,with functions of automatic filling water.


6.Refrigeration system adopts original France "Taikang" refrigeration unit and full sets of refrigeration parts.


7.Input mode PT100 sensor.


8.The system of heating up, heating down, dehumidifying, and humidifying can be operated independently so as to reduce the cost of testing, extend the operating life of the machine and decrease the failure rate.

9.Powerful multi-wing type air circulation which can ensure even temperature distribution inside the working chamber.

10.With larger transparent viewing window and lighting inside to observe the test.

11.Door seal adopts silicone rubber material which can avoid aging and hardening in high and low temperature conditions.

12.Standard configuration with one test hole on the left side of the chamber for easy testing operation and temperature measurement.

13.With various of safety protection device such as leakage and outage protection,compressor overpressure protection,overload fusing protection,audio signal alarm.

Battery Test Chambers can be used for safety testing for compliance with the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods needed for lithium-ion batteries.


SAMWOOD Power battery/Lithium battery test chambers offer the possibility to conduct temperature and humidity test in conditions similar to those a battery may encounter over its lifetime and safe.

In addition to battery cell safety testing, SANWOOD also provides safety testing, test consulting and certification services for vehicle battery packs/modules, along with a comprehensive range of testing/certification services for compliance with UNECE Regulation R100.

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