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Bench-top UV test chamber


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Sanwood is a company with professional research and development, sales of Bench-top UV test chamber,Bench-top UV lamp aging test chamber,Bench-top UV weathering test chamber,Bench-top UV aging test chamber,Bench-top UV aging test chamber for 23 years. Ultraviolet light in the sun is a major contributor to the durability of most materials. We use UV lamps to simulate the short-wave ultraviolet portion of sunlight, which produces very little visible or infrared spectral energy. We can choose UV lamps of different wavelengths according to different test requirements, because each lamp has different energy and wavelength in total UV irradiation. Generally, UV lamps can be classified into two types: UVA and UVB.
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Product Description

SANWOOD Bench-top UV test chamber 

Bench-top UV lamp aging test chamber is an economic and easy-to-use  machine which can meet some customers’requirements. It is equipped with 3 pcs 20W UV lamps as light sources. Operatorcan set the total illumination time, temperature, spray time etc to simulatethe natural environment which would cause the damaged factor to samples.

This Bench-top UV weathering test chamber can isolate 18 pcs standard panels (Size is 150×70mm). Samples are installed a column form rotating sample rack.During the test, the sample rack rotate uniformly and ensure every sample getthe same irradiance energy, increase the compariability and repeatability oftesting results.

UV Lamp Weathering Test Chamber

Bench-top UV test chamber Features

◆ Touch screen and user-friendly operation interface allow handlers set the test parameters and monitor all the test process easily.
◆ Equipped with professional UV lamps who has high irradiance energy: 0.90W/m2New lamp 
◆ Full stainless steel inner working room with sandwich design, never getting rusty and leakage. Also prevent water vapour coming from working room from entering electrical box and damaging electron components.

◆ Biult-in water level switch, it will alarm and stop running automatically when under low water level.


UV Lamp Weathering Test Chamber (2)

Bench-top UV test chamber Main Technical Parameters

■ Total power1.2 KW
■ Power voltage220±22V/50±0.5Hz
■ Setable range of test time 1h9,999h
■  Setable range of spray time 1min-9,999min
■  Setable range of spray interval time  1min-9,999min
■ Rated life of lamp1,000h
■ Wave length of lamps 340 nm UVA Lampsor 313 nm UVB Lamps
■ Lamp power3 pcs ; each lamp is 20 W
■ Spray water 2L/min
■ Capacity for test panels18 pcs standard size panels
■ Specification of sample150mm×70mm
■ Cabinet Size930×460×630mmL×D×H

■ Net Weight72kg


Please consult the sales for specific technical parameters, SANWOOD reserves the right of explanation.

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Bench-top UV weathering test chamber,Bench-top UV aging test chamber,Bench-top UV aging test chamber|Sanwood

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