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Benchtop vacuum drying oven of SANWOOD

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Benchtop vacuum drying oven


1.Product Name

Benchtop vacuum drying oven   

2.Product Model

SM-DZF-6050、SM-DZF-6053、SM-DZF-6055、SM-DZF-6051、SM-DZF-6021、SM-DZF-6020、 SM-DZF-6022、SM-DZF-6030A、 SM-DZF-6032、SM-DZF-6034、SM-DZF-6030B、SM-DZF-6050B、SM-DZF-6213、SM-DZF-6123、SM-DZF-6092、SM-DZF-6095



Vacuum drying oven is designed for drying heat sensitive, easily decomposed and oxidizable substance, can be filled with inert gases, especially some complex items can be quickly dried.

4. Product features

(1) Rectangular studio, so that the maximum effective volume, the microcomputer temperature controller, temperature control accurate and reliable, compared with the traditional vacuum box, drying time reduced by more than 40%

Toughened, bulletproof double glazed door, observe the object inside the studio, clear at a glance, can fill into the inert gas

(2) The door closed, the tightness adjustable, the integral molding of the synthetic silicon door sealing ring, to ensure that the box to maintain high vacuum

The workshop is made of stainless steel plate to ensure its durability and easy cleaning

Storage, heating, testing and drying can be carried out without oxygen or in an inert gas environment, without oxidation

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