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CNC Vision Measuring System with Non Contact Displacement Sensor


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The new DG series CNC video measuring system offers the ultimate in usability for automatic measuring of various 3D components with a large FOV, long working distance and wide XYZ stroke
  • DH3020CNC

  • AEH

Product Description

CNC Vision Measuring System with Non Contact Displacement Sensor Application:

CNC Vision Measuring System used forLCD, FPC, PCB, LCD, hardware, stamping parts, screws, springs, clocks, watches, instruments, (connectors, terminals), screw thread, gear, CAM, radius gage, thread sample, wire and cable, tools, bearings, screen mesh, cement test sieve, sieve, otter (steel net, SMT template) measurement.

CNC Vision Measuring System Feature:

1.Movable bridge structure, automatic measurement for long stroke and workpiece keep static , the measuring way of machine movement, to ensure the measuring stability more effective.

2.Three axis CNC control;Full servo closed-loop control, the central drive, biaxial sliding

3.00 class barreled  green machine, high precision and good stability

4.All guide rail imported from Japan, precice gears, no interval ,sensitive and reliable , accurate positioning and high precision movement.

5.Three axis adopts the Renishaw patch type grating ruler, with good temperature stability, and the resistance to deformation ability

6.All the mouse, the three dimensional lever automation control, easy to use

7.Automatic zoom optical lens, which can realize automatic zoom measurement

8.Programmable 3 ring 8 area circular surface light source, LED light source , coaxial light source

9.Auto-focusing height measurement, can mount various RENISHAW contact probe (TP6, MH20I, MCP, etc.), laser scanning probe

10.Space error compensation, software item 21 correction, automatic precision correction 

11.Strong AC - Optical Optical measurement software with German PTB authority certification

12.Offer a variety of standard configuration , can be customized according to requirement.


CNC Vision Measuring System with Non Contact Displacement Sensor  Specification:

 Model:                                                                  DG552




Measure range(XYZmm)                                  500×500×200




External sizemm                                 1480×1050×1610




                      Can customize stroke according to customer requirement,minimum stroke                          (XYZ axis):400*300*200MM,maximum stroke(XYZ axis):1500*2500*200MM

Computer table(optional)                                    computer table size(additional)

Weight(kg)                                                                   1100




Measurement accuracy(um)  XY(axis)                                                              4.0+L/200


Measurement accuracy   (um)Z(axis)                         4.5+L / 150µm

Speed  XY(axis)                                                                           250MM/S

Speed  Z(axis)    100MM/S

Max load(kg)                              20

Whole structure (main material)                                                        00 class green

Grating ruler                                            05 UM RSF /Renishaw can be optional

Control system                                           CNC Closed loop control system

Transmission system                                      servo motor

Lighting source                                 8 area LED light source, paragraphs independent manipulation of the parallel \ LED light,                                                                         programmable control

Objective lens(X)                      6X automatic zoom lens, image magnification 18X-200X 

                                                                 Equipped with coaxial optical(optional)

CCD                                                           American industry black/ colorful CCD

Screw rod                                                               Grind C3

Slideway                                                                        P class

Working environment                         temperature20℃±2℃temperature change rate<2℃/hr,humidity3080%

Vibration                                              vibration<0.002gvibration frequency<15Hz

Working voltage                                             220V+10%,   50HZ-60HZ

Acceptance inspection way                                   glass line scale


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