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Cell and module testing Custom-designed solutions

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Sanwood is very pleased that a well-known domestic battery manufacturer has purchased a batch of battery test test chamber. This batch of equipment is to provide customers with Cell and module testing Custom-designed solutions. It has been officially put into use and is operating in good condition. To escort the battery safety and reliability of new energy vehicles.

Cell and module testing Custom-designed solutions

This batch of battery test chambers are equipped with charging and discharging cabinets, which can simulate the real battery usage environment. The temperature range is between -70°C and 180°C, and the relative humidity is maintained at 20-95%. This is a lot of electronic equipment , The environmental conditions necessary for automotive and military tests, these tests usually require a low temperature of -40°C or -55°C.

SANWOOD's battery test chamber can ensure the integrity of the electric vehicle charging system. Sanwood's battery test chamber uses internationally renowned compressors (tecumseh from France,Bitzer from Germany) to effectively provide the required heating rate, and use reliable methods to achieve Temperature and humidity controlled test environment.

Battery Temperature Test Chamber

Sanwood can not only provide battery test chambers ranging from 80L to 34m³, but also customize battery test chambers of different specifications according to customer requirements. Contact E-mail:info@sanwood.cc to customize the battery test chamber that meets your requirements.

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