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Climatic chamber with 4 Independent working room

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Sanwood 100% customized climatic chamber with 4 Independent working room at front and back side for LED display temperature and humidity test simulation test.

The chamber technical parameter attached as below:

1. Four(4) Independent working room at front and back side.

2. Each room inner size W*H*D 1m*1m*1m

3. Temperature control range: -40℃~180℃

4. Cooling rate: 180℃~25℃: 2~3℃/min; 25℃~-40℃: 1~2℃/min;

5. Heating rate: -40℃~180℃: 3~5℃/min

6.Temperature uniformity: ±1.5℃ ~±2℃

7. Humidity range: 20.0%RH~98.0%RH ; fluctuation/uniformity: ±2.0% RH/±3.0% RH

8. Each room equipped with 2 ∅100MM cable ports

9.Equipped with Sanwood self-developed screen touch controller with programmable testing procedure.

high low temperature test chamber-2

Test standard accordance with:

JIS C-8917 thermal cycling test A-1

JIS C-8938 thermal resistance test B-1, Moisture resistance test B-2

IEC 6125 10.11 thermal cycling test ,10.12 humidity freeze test , 10.13 Damp-heat test

IEC 61646 10.11 thermal cycling test ,10.12 humidity freeze test , 10.13 Damp-heat test

Explosion-proof devices( optional) as below:

a. Multi-temperature point monitor( can monitor multi surface temperature point of battery during testing)

b. Automatic fire extinguishing device with multi smoke sensors ( once there is smoke detected, system will automatically put out fire with CO2)

c. Rare gas detector( can detect rare gas like H2, CO,etc generated by battery during testing)

d. Video monitoring device( can record the real-time status of battery during testing)

e. Pressure relief device ( release pressure inside the container when battery explode)

f. Air supply and exhaust device with filter ( keep well ventilation and filter harmful air generated by battery and then exhaust to outdoor)

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