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Comprehensive Drug Stability Test Chamber-Germany advanced techniques


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Sanwood have 13 process and 5 times quality control to ensure the accurate control of all details for the Comprehensive Drug Stability Test Chamber-Germany advanced techniques,Comprehensive Drug Stability Test Chamber,Drug Stability Test Chamber,Germany advanced techniques Drug Stability Test Chamber,Programmable Drug Stability Test ChamberWith the over ten years experiences and follow the world’s environmental protection trend, our new generation drug stability test chamber wins the leading position. Successfully breakthrough the defect of continuous operation. Providing the high quality and satisfactory products with humanized design to the global clients.
Create the best choice for testing the drugs in a stable temperature, humidity and lighting condition of long time operation. Convenient for the pharmaceutical enterprise to do research and development.

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Product Description

Comprehensive Drug Stability Test Chamber-Germany advanced techniques Product features:

◆Humanized design

● Newly fluoride-free design, high efficiency, energy saving.

● Micro-computer control, special sterilization stainless steel liner, semicircle design(Four corners), easy cleaning.

● Circular air duct, ensure the air stay even inside. A φ25mm testing hole at the right side of chamber.

◆Continuous operation qualified

● 2 sets imported compressor automatically switch, prevent the long time running defect from happening.

● Non-defrosting, continuous operation work normally.

◆Quality qualified

● Imported temperature and humidity controller/compressor/circular fan, stable running condition, security operation.

◆Security function

 Independent temperature warning system; sound-light alarm.

● Too high/too low and over temperature also trigger the alarm.

● Password Lock Screen, security control.

◆Imported humidity sensor

● Imported humidity sensor.

◆UV sterilization system.(Optional choise)

● The UV sterilization system disinfect virus and prevent the chamber from being pollution.

◆Illumination automatically detect and control(Optional)

● Breakthrough the defect of domestic drug stability test chamber, apply the illumination  sensor for detection, decrease the error from happening due to the modulator tube aging problem.

Data record and error display

 LCD screen will display the error information when the device breaking down.

● Printer or RS485 port inside; Temperature recording(Optional choice).

Programmable touch screen controller(Optional)

 Large LCD screen, easy programmed.

● Language switch on the operation menu, data display.

● 100 programs, 999 circular steps. Timing setting from 1~5999 min.

● After data and experiment parameters input, password lock screen runs, security control.

● P.I.D auto tuning function, amend the temperature and humidity change, accuracy control.

● RS-232 or RS-485 communication screen; Input process on computer, supervise the experiment process.

Comprehensive Drug Stability Test Chamber-Germany advanced techniques Execution and satisfying criteria:

Supported by the 2015 Pharmacopoeia drug stability test guidelines and GB/T10586-2006 relevant terms.


★Stability experimental condition:

In the ICH guideline, GMP and FDA define the function/performance and documents.

Europe/Japan/America agree to settle down common experiment for stability use. In order to collect information about the effectiveness of the drugs in different temperature, humidity and lighting environment.

★Storage conditions for long term stability test of reserved samples

Temperature: +25±2

Humidity: 60±5%RH

Time: 12 months

★Storage conditions for speed up stability test

Temperature: +40±2

Humidity: 75±5%RH

Time: 6 months

Illumination in highlight condition: 4500±500LX

The relevant data above is just for reference.

Comprehensive Drug Stability Test Chamber-Germany advanced techniques Technical parameters:

NameDrug stability test chamber

Comprehensive drug

 stability test chamber

Highlight drug stability

 test chamber

Temperature control range0~65℃Without illumination: 0~65℃;
With illumination: 10~50℃
Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃/±2℃
Humidity control range/35~95%RH/±3%RHNone
Humidity deviation

Illumination intensityNone0-6000LX adjustable≤±500LX   
    (Stepless adjusted)
Setting time rangeEach step 1~99 hrs
Temperature and humidity controlBalanced temperature and humidity controlBalanced temperature control
Refrigerating system2 sets imported compressor automatically switch


 LCD controller

Programmable touc

h screen controller

GSD:Programmable   LCD controller 


LCD controller

GSP:Programmable   touch

 screen controller

SensorPt100 platinum resistor Capacitive sensorPt100 platinum resistor
Operation ambient temperatureRT+5~30℃
Power supplyAC220V±10%   50HZ
Input power2000W/2100W/2300W2250W/2250W/2500W/2500W1450W/1700W/3200W
Volume80L 80L 150L 150L 
150L 150L 250L250L 
Liner dimension
(W×D×H mm)
400×400×500 400×400×500 550×405×670 550×405×670 
550×405×670 550×405×670 600×500×830600×500×830 
Outside dimension
(W×D×H mm)
550×790×1080 550×790×1080690×805×1530 690×805×1530 
690×805×1530 690×805×1530 740×890×1680740×890×1680 
Loading Bracket(Standard)2/3/3 pcs2/3/3 pcs3/3 pcs3/3/4 pcs
Embedded printerstandard configuration
Security systemOver temperature protection, water shortage protection, wire alarm system
Remarks1.SD、SDP、GSD、GSP、GP series, embedded printer;
2.Pick printer on touch screen controller、 RS485 connector or USB connector two-out-three. 
 Pick LHH-80SD、LHH-150SD/GSD,LHH-250SD/GSD printer or RS485 connector one-out-two.
3.GP、GSD、GSP series, manual stepless adjusted, standard with illumination detector.
4.GP/GSD/GSP series can be installed 2 layers illumination device.
5.LHH-80SD、LHH-80SDP is one set imported whole sealing compressor

※Under the idle condition, Performance Parameters tested like this:

Environment temperature is 20℃, environment humidity is 50% RH

※Provide 3Q verification and calibration services(Optional choice):

※Provide the IQ/OQ/PQ service to customers, meet the drug stability test chamber performance and requirement. Guarantee the highly accuracy of temperature and humidity data.(Optional)

※Provide the authority third party testing report in shanghai.(Optional choice)

Optional accessories(when picking this option, delivery need to be added 7 days)

1.Paperless recorder(universal type);

2. SDR100 imported paperless recorder;

3. Wire alarm system;

4. SMS alarm system;

5. UV sterilization system;

6. Rack illuminator(each layer)(150/250/500/1000/1500 series)

Comprehensive Drug Stability Test Chamber-Germany advanced techniques,Comprehensive Drug Stability Test Chamber,Drug Stability Test Chamber,Germany advanced techniques Drug Stability Test Chamber,Programmable Drug Stability Test Chamber|Sanwood

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