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Constant Temperature Shaker-LCD Screen


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With the over twenty years experiences and follow the world’s environmental protection trend, our new generation constant temperature shaker win the leading position. Widely used in the cell culture/biochemistry/cell tissue researches. Providing the high quality and satisfactory products with humanized design to the global clients.

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Product Description

Product features:

Humanized design

 Combined the incubator and shaker, small occupation of land.

● Automatically change to incubator function after vibration. No need change to another device.

● LCD screen, Menu operation interface, easy understanding.

● Quiet operation, provide a better environment.

● New design with fluoride-free techniques, bring you healthy life.

● Large tempered-glass thermal insulation observation window.

● Multiple specific shaker and gripper for chosen, easy replacement, improve efficiency.

● Stainless steel liner/vibration table and rack, easy cleaning.

● one Φ25mm testing hole on the left side, convenient for the operation and temperature measurement.

Quality guarantee

 Automatically saving the setting value when sudden power cut, the previous progress can be re-run after power on.

● Temperature and oscillation frequency are controlled by micro-computer, time setting available.

● Imported compressor and circulating fan, environmental fluorine-free refrigerant.

Continuous operation guarantee

 Slow-cooling brushless dc motor, high-torque, speed adjustable, maintenance-free, continuous operation available.

Security function

● Automatically stop when the door-opened, prevent the over temperature occurs.

● Specific speed circuit control, keep the shaker inside operated stable.

● Independent temperature warning system;(Optional)

● Automatic control of circulating fan speed, avoiding the volatilization of samples effectively.

● RS-485 and USB connector for chosen, monitor the temperature/speed/time and alarm via the computer.

Self-diagnostic function

Error information display.

Multi-segments Programmable controller(Optional)

Multi-segments temperature/speed and time can be synchronous programmed. Pre-value and running value display, simplify the complicated experimental process, truly put automatic control into effect.

Convenient Data processing(Optional choice)

Printer or RS485 port inside; Temperature and time curve recording.

UV sterilization system(Optional)

The UV sterilization system disinfect virus and prevent the incubator from being pollution.

Technical parameters:

(Single layer)
(Double layer)
(Double layer)
(Single layer)
SM-THZ-98C (Double layer)SM-HZQ-X300C
(Double layer)
Power supplyAV220V  50HZ
Oscillation frequency40~300 rpm
Temperature control rangeRT+5~65℃4~65℃
Temperature resolution0.1℃
Time setting0~5999min
Input power750W750W1100W950W950W1300W
Tray dimension(mm)400×340400×340500×350400×300400×340500×350
Outside dimension(mm)635×714×1055725×720×1150635×714×1055725×720×1150

Remarks:  Model ends with“C”is the constant temperature shaker with refrigeration function.

SM-HZQ-F160A is with refrigeration function also.

The largest amount of triangular flask for each layer

Vessel specificationSM-THZ-98ASM-HZQ-X300SM-HZQ-F160A
SM-THZ-98C(Each layer)
(Each layer)
Triangular flask(pcs)50(ml)293729

Optional accessories(when picking this option, delivery need to be added 7 days)

  1. Multi-segments Programmable LCD controller

  2. Embedded printer

  3. RS485/232 connector and communication software

  4. USB disk data storage

  5. SMS alarm system

  6. Humidity control function

Remarks: Pick USB disk/RS485(232)/Printer one-out-three.




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