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Double-head Automated Dispensing Robot

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Double-head Automated Dispensing Robot

dispensing system

Basic function introduction:

1.    Three dimension servo and stepper drive motors (stepper drive motors with signal feedback for     accuracy);

2.    Hand held teach pendant (easy to program, realize fluid placement such as dots, lines, circles and arcs easily);
3.    Programmable dispensing volume, dispensing speed, dispensing time and stop time (stable dispensing quantity);
4.    Fluid dispensing, for example: UV glue,AB glue, silica gel , hot melt glue, EMI  conductive adhesive, SILICON, epoxy, green glue, silver glue, red glue, solder paste, thermal grease, celluloid paint, threadlocker…;
5.    Modularized structural design which is convenient for maintenance;
6.    Double- head simultaneous working (improve work efficiency exponentially).

Core configuration:

1.    Photoelectric controller: Panasonic (Japan), Omron (Japan), AIRTAC (Taiwan);

2.    Sliding rail: HIWIN (Taiwan);

3.    Driving mode: stepper drive motors of SHINANO (Japan) or simple servo drive motors (stepper drive motors with signal feedback for accuracy);

4.    Control method: hand held teach pendant + single chip controlled movement system;

5.    Body (heavier than aluminum): stabilized chassis and customization;

6.    Power supply: MEAN WELL (Taiwan);

7.    Belt: foreign wired belt with good abrasion resistance and stabilization.


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