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Drying oven / incubator


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  • SM-PH-010(A)、SM-PH-030(A)、SM-PH-050(A)、SM-PH-070(A)、SM-PH-140(A)、SM-PH-240(A)

  • Sanwood

Product Description

                                                                 Drying oven / incubator (dual-purpose)

1.  Product Name: drying oven / incubator (dual-purpose) (drying box series)

2.  Product Model:SM-PH-010(A)、SM-PH-030(A)、SM-PH-050(A)、SM-PH-070(A)、SM-PH-140(A)、SM-PH-240(A)

3.  Product Applications:

 A new generation of pH series dry / dual-use training box, set production company for many years, the absorption of imported technology, with high quality, reliable, safety features such as forced convection drying dual-use training model / box, of colleges and universities, scientific research and production have direct help, and to provide a reliable guarantee.

 4. Products features:

(1)  It adopts mirror stainless steel inner container, and the four corners semicircle arc is easy to clean, and the shelf space is adjustable

(2) Microcomputer LCD controller, accurate and reliable temperature control

(3) Forced warm air circulation design to ensure uniform temperature in the studio

(4) It adopts silicon rubber sealing strip and double glazed door observation window, so it is convenient and clear to observe

(5)  When the box door is opened, the micro circulation and heating are stopped automatically without any temperature overshoot

 5. Technical parameters

 powerAC220V   50HZ
 control rangeFor incubator:RT+5~80℃ / For drying cases:80~220℃
temperature resolution0.1℃
temperature stabilityFor incubator :±0.5℃/ For drying cases:±1℃
temperature uniformity±3% (test point 100℃)
temperature uniformity+5~35℃
input power650W850W1100W1550W2050W2450W
inner size(mm)W*D*H250×260×250340×325×320420×395×350450×400×450550×450×550600×550×600
outside size(mm)W*D*H530×480×420620×490×490720×590×520740×590×630840×570×730800×750×800
Carrier carrier (standard)2
 timer range1~9999min


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