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Dunhuang Team Building

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Last week, Guangdong Sanwood Technology Corporation.,limited organized a Team Building activity in Dunhuang.




Dunhuang is located in the desert corridor of northwestern Gansu Province. It is close toXinjiang Uygur 

Autonomous Region in the west, and it faces the Qilian Mountains in theeast.

The desert surface is covered by a thick layer of fine sand-like sand (it has been to the seaside and the beach 

is the same.'s Just a different reason, the water is a long-term, and the other is the wind Long-term role.) Desert 

is a peaceful land, the desert surface will change and movement of their own, of course, is the role of the wind. 

Because the sand will run with the wind. Layers of sand dunes will move over and change into different forms.

Temperature difference between the desert areas, the average annual temperature up to 30-50 ℃, the temperature 

difference greater, summer afternoon, the ground temperature can reach more than 60 ℃, if the beach Limai an egg 

and soon the Shaoshu. The night temperature also dropped to below 10 ℃. As the temperature difference between 

day and night, is conducive to the storage of sugar, so the desert oasis of fruits are particularly sweet.

Desert wind and sand, and strong winds. - Largest wind up 10-12. Strong wind over the large number of Fusha, a 

ferocious wind and sand flow, constantly blowing pitting the ground so that the landscape changes dramatically.

Sanwood Environmental Chambers Co.,Ltd, is  a direct factory which has specialized in manufacturing environmental test chambers .

The Dust test chamberHigh low temperature test chamber ,Xenon lamp accelerated aging test chamber,UV weathering test chamber

can simulated the desert climate to test sample .

Dust test chamber is suitable for all kinds of auto parts to do dust and dust test,Test parts include 

a light.Meter.Electric dust jacket.Steering system.Door lock, etc.


High low temperature test chamber is widely applicable to aircraft industry, automobile 

industry,semiconductors,chemicals,pharmacy,foodstuffs,home appliance industry and scientific research field.


Xenon lamp accelerated aging test chamber :Artificial weathering of coatings or exposure of coatings to 

filtered xenon-arc radiation is carried out in order to obtain the degree of change in as elected property 

after a certain radiant exposure H, and/or the radiant exposure which is required to produce a certain 

degree of ageing. The properties selected for monitoring should preferably be those which are important 

for the practical use of the coatings. The properties of the coatings exposed are compared which those 

of unexposed coating prepared from the same coating materials at the same time and in the same way 

(control specimens)or with those of coatings exposed at the same time whose behavior during testingin 

exposure apparatus is already known (reference specimens).


UV weathering test chamber (hereinafter referred as BUV)adopts fluorescent UV lamp as the light 

source. Its inner temperature and humidity can be properly controlled to obtain the periodic 

condensation on the sample for fully evaluating the damaged factor causedby sunlight, moisture 

and temperature (materials aging phenomenon includes fading, disluster, intensity reduction, 

cracking, flaking, chalking, and oxidation).



We mainly produce:

1. Temperature & humidity test chamber ( Temperature range: -75~+180C, Humidity range: 10%~98%RH)

2. High low temperature test chamber( Temperature range: -75~+180C)

3. UV weathering test chamber

4. Xenon lamp accelerated aging test chamber

5. Ozone accelerated aging test chamber

6. Thermal shock test chamber( Two-zone type and three-zone type)

7. Rapid temperature change test chamber Heating & cooling rate: 5C/min, 10C/min, 15C/min

8. Salt spray corrosion test chamber

9. Dust test chamber

10. Rain test chamber

11. Temperature & altitude test chamber

12. Temperature, humidity and vibration combined chamber

13. (Vacuum) drying oven

14. Vibration test system



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