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Dust Test Chamber of SANWOOD

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Dust Test Chamber

Sand and dust test chamber

Application Area:                 

Dust test chamber apply for a variety of auto parts to do dust-proof and dust resistance test. Test components contain lights, instruments, electrical dust cover, steering systems, door locks.


Performance Index:                 

1. Inner Dimension900*900*1000 mm ; 1000*1000*1000 mm ; 1000*1000*1500 mm;  1200*1200*1800 mm

2. Temperature Range: RT+10~70℃

3Test dust concentration:Dried talc powder 2~4 Kg/m

4Sand dust particle size:1~10um(50% of them are≤5um)

5. Voltage:220v/50Hz(Equipped with test power interface) Single phase three wire system   Power:3KW


Product features:

The liner is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate.

The shell is galvanized plate electrostatic spraying.

The test chamber door is installed with an observation window

The lower part of the door is the electrical control area, and the powder dust is simulated in the lower part of the test box.

The circulating fan and automatic earthquake struck the talcum powder by 75 micron square hole net blowing studio upper, to make the test space into the shape of the high density of dust, the experiments are carried out on a sample. Continuous, periodic blowing dust arbitrary choice time setting.

The visual glass door with a scraper can be easily observed in the test sample. Taiwan TAIAN time controller (SG2-10HR-A) control blowing dust, lighting and vibration cycle.

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