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HUAWEI Inspect Customized Chamber at SANWOOD Factory

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                 HUAWEI Test Customized Chamber at SANWOOD Factory

As a leader in mobile phone industry, Huawei has grown to annual sales of 390 billion RMB of Fortune 500 companies. It great chance for SANWOOD  to make 2 customized demo unit for Huawei, as they have strict requirements about equipment, we welcome they to test our chamber at factory and check all the detail. SANWOOD welcome any of our customer visit us and test our equipment quality, as we take quality as our company soul, Finally we got more and more trust and recognized from our customized.



Founded in 1994 , SANWOOD  is a premier provider of intelligent testing equipment for various industrial requirements. These include plastic, rubber, automotive, aerospace, electronic, environmental as well as research institutions.

Backed by a team of expert engineers, combined with constant innovation, refinement & unwavering commitment to quality,  SANWOOD continuously bring together the best technical and intelligent quality testing equipment to the field of industrial sciences. 



SANWOOD also offers turnkey solutions that provide customers with product advisory and customization services prior to purchase, product installation, onsite product training, after-sales services and maintenance, offering support at every stage of the product life cycle to meet our customers’ needs.

SANWOOD is aming to exceed customers’ expectation by providing superior products and solutions as well as being responsive and sensitive to the changing need and expectation of customers via continuously upgrading our skill and knowledge.  

SANWOOD is your premier  supplier of Temperature and Humidity Chamber,Thermal Shock chamber, ESS Chamber, Agree Chamber, Walk-In Chamber, UV accelerated  weathering Tester Xenon accelerated aging test chamber  ,Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber etc.

Should you contact us if you want to know us or our product further.


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