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Have you selected the right test equipment for product temperature resistance test

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Under normal circumstances, when we conduct high-temperature tests on the temperature resistance of our products, we also conduct low-temperature tests. Therefore, many buyers will give priority to high and low temperature test chambers when purchasing. However, not all high and low temperature test chambers can be used for high temperature testing. If the high temperature you require reaches 200 degrees, then the high and low temperature test chambers will not be satisfied. It cannot completely replace the high temperature aging test chamber. The difference between the two is as follows:

1.Both of these test equipments are a kind of simulated environmental test chamber, and can be tested for ambient temperature environmental test conditions.

2.In the case of special technical requirements, the test is performed at a high temperature of more than 200 degrees. The high and low temperature test chamber cannot meet this high temperature requirement. Generally speaking, the high temperature upper limit of the high and low temperature test chamber is about 150~180 ℃, and its has reached about plus or minus 2 ℃ on temperature uniformity, but it cannot be used this if the high temperature requirement is above 200 ℃. If you have special requirements, you can also thicken the chamber with a heat insulation layer. Generally, this is only high and low temperature Aging test chamber can meet the requirements, and its high temperature can be 200 degrees, 300 degrees, 400 degrees and 500 degrees and so on.

3.The high and low temperature test chamber including low temperature refrigeration equipment can be used for low temperature test chamber, but the test temperature of high temperature aging test chamber can only be used for high temperature test.

4.The test standard conditions of the two are different. The common test standards for high and low temperature aging test chambers are: GB/T2423.1, GB2423.2, and the common standards for high temperature test chambers are GB11158, GB2423.2, etc. 

Therefore, when we purchase high and low temperature test chamber or high temperature aging test chambers, we recommend that you consider the standards of the tests to be carried out and the requirements of the test temperature in many ways, and also consider your own purchase budget to make selections and adjustments. Benefits reduce the cost of R&D and production.Sanwood Technology will generally provide customers with the best solution or multiple options based on the customer's specific test requirements, site conditions, and budget.

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