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High Accuracy CNC Vision Measuring System with best quality


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It is designed using latest CAD techniques to ensure maximum performance and manufactured from materials best suited to the purpose for guaranteed longevity , drawing on the unparalleled technological expertise of a world leader in metrology.
  • DHT 432CNC

Product Description

High Accuracy CNC Vision Measuring System With Best Quality Application:

High Accuracy CNC Vision Measuring System mainly for geometry measurement, dimensional tolerance measurement, curve, profile measurement, engineering design, development, two-dimensional measurement, comparison measurement, etc.; through the optical lens imaging, combined with professional measurement software, the measurement results are digitized, Data, such as blind holes, countersinks, angles, heights, slopes, cuts, steps, points, lines, circles, arcs, etc

Application industry:

Electronics, machinery, hardware, molds, rubber (soft, hard plastic), injection molding, low-voltage electrical appliances, magnetic materials, precision hardware, precision stamping, connectors, connectors, terminals, home appliances, computers (computers), mobile phones, LCD TVs (LCD), printed circuit boards (circuit boards, PCBs), watches, automobiles, medical equipment, education and scientific research, military industry, instrumentation, etc.

Measuring object

LCD, FPC, PCB, circuit board, hardware, stampings, screws, springs, watches, watches, meters, connectors (connectors, terminals), threads, gears, cams, radius patterns, thread patterns, wire and cable, Tools, bearings, screens, test sieves, cement screens, screens (steel mesh, SMT formwork), etc.

High Accuracy CNC Vision Measuring System With Best Quality Features:

1.Ultra-precision automatic measurement, three-axis CNC closed-loop control system

2.00 Class granite platform with high precision and good stability

3.Triaxial grinding precision linear slide, precision transmission system

4.0.5UM German RSF grating and British Renishaw SMD scales are randomly selected, with high precision and good stability.

5.Imported auto-variable optical lens can realize automatic zoom measurement

6.Programmable 3 ring 8 zone annular surface light source, LED outline light source,optional coaxial light source

7.Autofocus height measurement, can be equipped with various RENISHAW contact probes (PH6, MH20I, MCP, etc.), point laser scanning probes

8.The only software that compensates and corrects 11 errors in domestic

9.Strong AC-Optic optical measurement software certified by German PTB authority

10.Provides a variety of stroke specifications, such as 3020, 4030, 5040, etc.

High Accuracy CNC Vision Measuring System With Best Quality Specification:

Measurement range300×200×200400×300×200500×400×200
External Dimension (mm)1420×775×16301660×980×16601720×1210×1660
Weight (kg)290420490
Measurement accuracy
Max Load
Marble base + column
OO Class Green
Workbench glassGrinding glass≤2C
Grinding glass≤3C

Grey cast iron natural aging/artificial aging treatment

 Cross table and marble table two structures

Grating ruler0.5um import grating (Renishaw grating/RSF grating)
Lighting source

3 ring 8 zone LED ring light source, each segment is independently

 controlled LED parallel bottom light, programmable control

Objective (X)6X Automatic Zoom Lens, Image Magnification 18X - 200X
Optional coaxial lightOptional coaxial light
CCDAmerican Industrial Black/Color CCD
Control SystemCNC closed-loop control system
MotorZ axis adopts silent hybrid motor  XY axis servo motor
Ambient EnvironmentalTemperature 20 °C ± 2 °C, temperature change<2 °C/hr, humidity 30 ~ 80%

Vibration<0.002g, 15Hz
Voltage220V+10%, 50HZ-60HZ
Acceptance methodAcceptance of glass ruler

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