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High-resolution Color CCD Manual Type Vision Measuring System

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It is designed using latest CAD techniques to ensure maximum performance and manufactured from materials best suited to the purpose for guaranteed longevity , drawing on the unparalleled technological expertise of a world leader in metrology.
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Product Description

High-resolution color CCD, high-definition image effects Manual Type Vision Measuring System Feature:

1.00 granite base + column, high stability

2.LED lighting system

3.High-resolution color CCD, high-definition image effects, high-quality picture

4.XY axis manual, Z-axis autofocus, automatic program-controlled light source, convenient and quick

High-resolution color CCD, high-definition image effects Manual Type Vision Measuring System description:

it is a set of optical, mechanical, electrical, computer integration, high precision optical measuring instruments. It can efficiently detect a variety of complex shape the contours of the workpiece size and surface status, such as templates, punching pieces, cams, threads, gears, form cutter and other tools, cutting tools and parts.

Manual Type Vision Measuring System Specification:

Measurement range250×150×200300×200×200400×300×200
External dimension1350×790×16301420×790×16301660×990×1630
Weight (kg)255305410
Measurement accuracy(um)3.0+L/2003.0+L/2004.0+L/200
Max Load of workbench(kg)15
Marble Base + ColumnGreen
Workbench glassGrinding glass≤2CGrinding glass≤2CGrinding glass≤3C
WorkbenchCast aluminum / aluminum alloy00 Class marble
Optical grating resolutionGlass Grating Ruler
Control SystemIntegrated control system (counting, light source, motion)
Operation modeXY manual, Z axis with auto focus and easy height measurement
Objective (X) standard

0.7X-4.5X manual zoom lens, image magnification 28X -170X

 (can be reduced or enlarged according to customer's product requirements)

Industrial camerasIndustrial high definition color CCD (SONY chip)

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