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Hot-air sterilizer-LCD display

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High temperature can oxidize the microorganism, make the protein degeneration;
Through the oxidation to kill the microorganism in a limited heat-up time.
  • SM-GRX-9013A/SM-GRX-9023A/SM-GRX-9053A/SM-GRX-9073A/SM-GRX-9123A/SM-GRX-9203A
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Product Description

Product features:

● Accuracy: High accuracy micro-computer LCD temperature controller.

● Fast: Warm up fast, shorten the desiccation and sterilization time.

● Safe:  Automatically interrupt when exceeding the limited temperature, ensure the safety.

● Convenient: The fan speed can be three level of adjustment; time setting and rack adjustable, easy cleaning. 

Technical parameters:

Power supplyAC220V50HZ
Temperature control rangeRT+10~200℃/RT+10~250℃
Temperature fluctuation0.1℃/±1℃
Operating ambient temperature+5~40℃
Input Power500W850W1100W1550W2050W2450W
Liner dimension
(W×D×H mm)
Outside dimension530×480×420620×490×490720×590×520740×590×630840×570×730880×750×800
(W×D×H mm)
Loading Bracket
2 pcs
Time setting range0~5999min




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