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Hundred Regiments, foreign trade competition,War imminent, talented persongathered.

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October 10, 2015, since the general assembly the first share of the Great Campaign with One Hundred Regiments was held in Changping creative industry park. All foreign trade partners were present. The first week of the summary, analysis and sharing will began, and more than 10 foreign trade enterprises participated in this foreign trade PK competition.
It is honoured for us been here, so many foreign elite,with rich experience, get together communicate about the skills of the foreign trade industry. This week, Keno Wang Dongyan won the first in clinch a deal. Learn more, please look forward to next week?
Every learning is inseparable from the super tutor’s share. The person,Lu Xiangbiao, general manager of the Ling Rui electronics, is to share his own experiences in foreign trade, during his delivery, welaughed uproariously, because of his humorous.sometimes due to the insistence of his dreams and pay a snail's bitterness get deep experience. Especially grateful parents this link, we are all tears.
The Changping PK tournament is inseparable from our 10 enterprises heart by heart, not less our David. D, general manager. This is regardless, never contact with foreign trade, and put himself in the corner, I think the man is David. D of Sanwood, without doubt!
Thanks for the efforts made by our each soldier, I believe we’ll be more wonderful next week, looking forward to the share of the second week on October 31, 2015.

Thanksgiving elegant help!
Be grateful to yourself!
Thanksgiving siblings!

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