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Key points of maintenance of power battery high and low temperature chamber

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Power battery is a powerful and indispensable energy storage device, and good quality is the key to the competition of power battery core technology. To detect good quality, it needs to go through the test of the power battery high and low temperature chamber. 

Sanwood Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales  Power battery chambers. We have more than two decade years of manufacturing experience in climatic test chamber industry. Power battery high and low temperature explosion-proof test chamber

Battery Temperature Test Chamber

Once the power battery explodes and burns due to thermal runaway, the surface temperature of each power battery can be monitored and detected through the tempered glass window of the high and low temperature chamber.

Walk-in Type Battery Explosion-proof High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

If the surface of the power battery is abnormally heated and may explode, the control system will immediately activate the safety protection mechanism.

Assuming that when the power battery explodes instantaneously, the chamber has a high-strength inner box that can withstand the explosive force. At the same time, the standard explosion-proof holes will also vent the explosion pressure in time.

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