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Mould Incubator

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Suitable for the relative department such as environmental protection, epidemic prevention, drug testing, farm livestock, aquatic product. It’s the dedicated devise for the water analysis, BOD measurement, bacteria cultivation, mould cultivation, microorganism cultivation, plant cultivation.
  • SM-MJ-70-I/SM-MJ-70F-I/SM-MJ-150-I/SM-MJ-150F-I/SM-MJ-250-I/SM-MJ-250F-I/SM-MJ-500F-I/SM-MJ-150-Ⅱ/SM-MJ-250-Ⅱ/SM-MJ-500-Ⅱ
  • Sanwood

Product Description

Product feature:

●  Mirror finished stainless steel liner, semicircle design(Four corners), easy cleaning, rack adjustable.

International compressor, Environmental refrigerants(R134a), high efficiency, energy saving.

●  Microcomputer accuracy temperature controller, low fluctuation, timing setting function.

● Circulating fan, three-speed control, avoiding the volatilization of the sample.

● Independent temperature warning system; automatic interruption when exceed the limited temperature; Ensure the safety of experimental operation(Optional choice);

● Printer or RS485 port inside; Temperature recording(Optional choice).

● LCD panel, Menu operation.(For the model ends with ‘F’only)

Technical parameters:

Parameter            SM-70-Ⅰ             SM-150-Ⅰ             SM-250-Ⅰ             SM-150-Ⅱ             
SM-70F-Ⅰ            SM-150F-Ⅰ            SM-250F-Ⅰ            SM-250-Ⅱ            
SM-500F-Ⅰ            SM-500-II            
Temperature control range            0~60℃            Humidification: 15~45℃;            
Temperature distinguishability            0.1℃            
Temperature fluctuation            High temperature±0.5℃;   Low temperature±1.0℃;            
Temperature uniformity            ±1.5℃(Test   Temperature is 25℃)            
Humidity control range            None            60~85%RH            
Humidity fluctuation            None            ±5~8%RH            
Power supply            AC220V 50HZ            
Operating ambient temperature            +5~30℃            
Input Power            450W            500W            600W            680W            
2250W            850W            
Liner dimension
(W×D×H mm)
400×350×500            503×470×808            540×460×1000            550×405×670            
670×720×1020            650×500×830            
(W×D×H  mm)
530×560×1080            600×630×1360            637×662×1590            690×800×1430            
850×1100×1930            750×900×1580            
2pcs            3pcs            
Timing range            0~9999min            
Remark            Including the type I features, type II Mould Incubators have the   micro-computer humidity control system also            


1. Model ends with ‘F’ standard with LCD panel controller;

    Model ends without ‘F’ standard with Digital panel controller;

2. Mould type II series have one Φ25mm testing hole on the left side.

Optional accessories(when picking this option, delivery need to be added 7 days)

1. Multi-segments Programmable temperature & humidity controller (Mould Incubator type II);

2. Flushbonading printer;

3. Paperless recorder;

4. Independent temperature limited controller;

5. φ25mm testing hole on the left side(Above 500L, uses φ50mm testing hole);

6. BOD socket;

7. RS485/232 connector and communication software;

Remark: Either RS485/232 or printer should be chose;

Under the idle condition ,Performance Parameters tested like this:

    Environment temperature is 20, environment humidity is 50% RH, temperature control range is 4-60.




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